The Top Ten of the major new signings of the free agency


Published on May 15, 2019


We are all amazed when we read the contracts pharaonic signing these extraordinary athletes of american football which are seriously dangerous for your body in order to offer a spectacle worthy of the name.
It is well known that the best way to get a contract profitable, unless you are the top player of a franchise, is to go through the free agency that each year move a considerable number of players from one franchise to another.
Well, what are the players that changing the tunic should be to sign the best contracts at the level of the salary?

Please keep in mind that it is not certain one hundred percent that all the agreed go actually into the pockets of the players because injuries, withdrawals, or cuts can see to change these agreements. We will consider the average of the contracts (a total of / years of life), then players who have signed agreements that seem to be more profitable than others can be behind on the scoreboard by using the annual average.
Players of the calibre of commanded her Veon Bell and Ju'Wuan James remained outside this classification. Who will be the first ten?

10) Anthony Barr
OLB – Minnesota Vikings the Minnesota Vikings
5 year contract for $ 67,5 M for an average of $ 13.5 M

It is the first and only player of this top 10 haven't changed their jersey. And’ arrived in free agency, it was very close to sign with the Jets then a mega offertona of the Vikings, for many out of every logically speaking, that convinced him to stay. It will be worth the money you signed?

9) Kwon Alexander
ILB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Francisco 49ers
4 year contract for $ 54 M for an average of $ 13.5 M

A real wager of the free agency of San Francisco, who has taken a player potentially very strong but also suffered a bad injury which has yet to recover. The bet will pay dividends?

8) Earl Thomas
FS – Seattle Seahawks at Baltimore Ravens
4 year contract for $ 55 M for an average of $ 13,75 M

It was already known he would be leaving Seattle in this session of the market since that would presumably already done if you were badly injured last season. Arrives in a team that is always ambitious but orphan this year of more than a few star defensive where he will have to establish itself as the new leader.

7) Landon Collins
FS – New York Giants at Washington Redskins
6 year contract for $ 84 M for an average of $ 14 M

You knew that he would have left New York with the dispute or less than the franchise tag that the Giants have not even tried to exercise. Signing a long-term contract with the team of the city of White House, where he will find a good defense but a new attack test everything.

6) Tyrann Mathieu
FS – Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs
3-year contract for $ 42 M for an average of $ 14 M

Houston would have made false papers to keep it after having taken just a year before by the Cardinals. The Chiefs the double your annual salary compared to what he took from the Texans and moved to Kansas in a defense all from break in.

5) Za Darius Smith
OLB – Baltimore Ravens at Green Bay Packers
4 year contract for $ 66 M for an average of $ 16.5 M

The Packers rarely invest in free agency and this year they did it in fine style going to sign a contract at the former LB of the Ravens which he will have to go to work and fix a defense often in the film as one of the team of the Wisconsin.

4) Trenton Brown
RT – New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders
4 year contract for $ 66 M for an average of $ 16.5 M

Contract equal to that of Smith, but exceeds the new LB of the Packers with ten million guaranteed about. Defend Brady opens the door to a career starring in other deductibles for well-paid, but if every year the Patriots change the players, and Brady always manages to do what he wants, maybe that line is not even so important. Player of the highest level, which must show that it relied on this contrattone.

3) C. J. Mosley
ILB – Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets
5 year contract for $ 85 M for an average of $ 17 M

The second player that leaves Baltimore to get into the top 5. The Ravens have played with fire sure to be able to renew his contract and instead the strong LB, greeted the companions and headed to New York where he finds a team ready to make a championship as a protagonist is helped by a player as important as him.

2) Trey Flowers
DE – By the New England Patriots at Detroit Lions
5 year contract for $ 90 M for an average of $ 18 M

It would be the player who signed the contract the most profitable of all what we do or have the total of how much it will earn, but the annual average is less than the first in the ranking. He also applies the same argument made for Trenton Brown, among others, also for the Patriots two players leaving the team entering the top 5: play on the same team as king Brady brings a shine to all under a different light. Player from the unquestionable talent that will surely make the fortunes of the new team, but if New England often do not consider anyone worthy of the franchise tag is there for a reason. Judgment, the fact that many players who leave the Patriots then elsewhere does not make it as they should.

1) Nick Foles
QB – Philadelphia Eagles at Jacksonville Jaguars
4 year contract for $ 88 M for an average of $ 22 M

Two years ago it was next to the retreat and back up a young star, then the triumphant run to the Super Bowl, which culminated with the first ring for him and the Eagles after the injury to Wentz. The last year has always remained in Philadelphia as a backup in spite of requests and finished the season saving the team and bringing it to the playoff after the umpteenth injury of the owner. The Jaguars have filled with money, and rightly so, and it may be the right person to help Jacksonville to shine. The environment, understood as the harmony of the dressing room, however, is not of the best.

Fees and contract term taken from ESPN




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