The tiramisu Iginio Massari, the recipe from Sunday (Photos)


Published on Apr 26, 2020


A great demand back On a Sunday, Iginio Massari, and today with the recipe of the tiramisu. It is Debora Massari to prepare a perfect tiramisu that is not difficult, but, of course, recipe Massari is a full in detail. The request of the dessert today, Sunday, is Nicola Carraro, the husband of Mara Venier, you do not want to eat the chocolate salami, which prepares the presenter but would like a tiramisu. Pastry cream, mascarpone cream, the syrup to the coffee and ladyfingers, and here is the recipe of the tiramisu of Iginio and Debora Massari for the Venier and the public On Sunday.

Ingredients: For the custard: 60 g egg yolk (3 egg yolks, pasteurized), 10 g of rice starch, 46 g of sugar, 170 g of milk, 1 vanilla pod

For the cream tiramisu: 250 g pastry cream 300 g mascarpone, 50 g of cream, 250 whipped cream

For the syrup: 100 g of coffee, 50 g sugar and 10 g of coffee liqueur (optional)

Preparation: in saucepan boil the milk with the seeds from the pulp of the vanilla. In another saucepan, pour the egg yolks and sugar, work well and add the milk, stir immediately and without stopping, put the pan on flame, stir constantly until it thickens. Pour the cream ready in a bowl of steel ice, mix immediately, and always with the whip hand in an energetic way, let it cool.

In another bowl, work the mascarpone with the cream and then add the custard is cold, mix well. Add the whipped cream cold. Mix well.

Spatoliamo on the floor of the marble or steel, the melted dark chocolate and it comes very thin, we do so cool and with the kitchen knife, pull of the chocolate chips.

We use the biscuits that inzuppiamo in the wet is made with coffee and sugar (if we want to add the liqueur to the wet). We have the sponge in the glass, add the cream, maybe spikes, the chocolate, the other savoyard soaked, other cream, other chocolate, even cream and chocolate.

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