The TiLo “rests” in the station, the suspension line Cadenazzo-Luino-Laveno

Published on Jun 11, 2017

Began this morning the work on the line Cadenazzo-Luino-Laveno, with the consequent suspension of the railway traffic until the next 9th of December. The interventions will be to redevelop the whole of this is in anticipation of the activation of the AlpTransit. “You.The” at rest in a station, the suspension line Cadenazzo-Luino-Laveno. From the early hours of this morning the station of Luino has begun to see to the job workers for requalification interventions on the entire line of Cadenazzo-Luino-Laveno, which will involve engineers, technicians and operators in anticipation of the AlpTransit until the next 9th of December, the day on which the railway line will be reopened. On the tracks of the station of the village on the lake this morning is the last TiLo arrived yesterday. In the past few days both Trenord that RAILWAY, have made known the bus schedules sostituivi that will bring passengers to the Canton of Ticino and towards Gallarate, Malpensa, and Milan. To know more: – From Sunday, stop trains on the Luino-Laveno, here's all the timetables of the bus replacement to / from Milan – Cadenazzo-Luino-Laveno, cross-border commuters commuters are celebrating the final hours of bus replacement

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