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Published on Aug 24, 2017


Prepare to be overwhelmed by the laughter, is coming to Amazon Prime Video Italia, the first superhero of the streaming service, The Tick instead of as the competitor to Netflix and focus on the universe television cohesive and hyper-dramatic, Amazon has chosen to adapt the same name cartoon 1986 by Ben Edlund (who also wrote the tv series), a parody of the classic supereoe of the comics that is well suited to a comedy. Already there had been a television adaptation in 2001 on FOX, starring Patrick Warburton, but had a short life.

Now Edlund we try again and the choice is winning because it combines the imprint Marvel of “not taking themselves too seriously” – brought to a new level to the cinemas by the Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool then – in a noir atmosphere and full of mystery in the style of Bored to Death, with constant twists that gradually join the pieces of the puzzle of the story.

Deadpool, The Tick, here played by Peter Serafinowicz in place of Warburton (who was the executive producer of the serial of Amazon), it does not take the gab sboccata but rather the self-irony towards the world of superheroes and the meta-narrative, in general, with a nod in particular to that of the Marvel in this universe superheroes exist and are among us, and we all are aware of (there is even a database in which to register, does not remind you of a certain Civil War?).

It's all a tease since the narrator (one of The Tick) which is such only because it speaks aloud from the top of the skyscrapers of the city, as if it had an effect megaphone. In spite of the narrator, the protagonist is not the aforementioned superhero, but his sidekick of the moment, his “shoulder”, Arthur (Griffin Newman): a superhero fan now, accounting that the 12 years he has seen his father die in front of him because of the confrontation between the villain The Terror (an old acquaintance of the fans of Preacher, Jackie Earle Haley) and his favorite superheroes (at the head of Superion, played by Brendan Hines). The Terror is believed to be dead by all years, except from Arthur, now grown up but haunted by the one who has taken away the parent.

The so-called “shoulder” has a past with psychiatric problems, on the supervision of his sister, a paramedic Dot (Valorie Curry, a character invented just for the tv series), because all of them think images of conspiracies that don't exist, but they could also screw it up. Arthur, perhaps, has a power that not even he knows, but with the passing of the episodes continues to deny his skills, and to confirm their ineptitude to fight crime, despite you save the skin every time in situations quite dangerous.

The star of Bored to Death, Jonathan Ames, Arthur keeps the inept, but if the tv series on HBO was playing on the general incapacity of the character of Jason Schwartzman, here it is a question of skill simply dormant. Arthur will have his “hero's path” in all the stages, from denial to awareness to acceptance in spite of himself, and the cheering on the part of The Tick will be critical.

Serafinowicz features a character caricature, but at the same time, hyper-good and ultra-resistant: your bullets do not do anything and has a superhuman force, in the style of Luke Cage. On the other hand, Arthur is the mind and the Tick... well, all the rest, as he defines himself. The Tick is a superhero sui generis: it has a custom blue that seems to not take off never (that is a second skin?), ridiculous antennas that prove to be more important than you think and a loss of memory up to before he met Arthur. A coincidence? No, certainly not.

In the continuing cast of the tv series Amazon find Michael Cerveris (Fringe, The Good Wife) and Bryan Greenberg (One Tree Hill, October Road, The Mindy Project), and guest stars of the calibre of Whoopy Goldberg.

The first season of The Tick will be aired in two-parts from the 6 episodes each, with the original version with subtitles available starting from the 25th of August, and that doubled by October 13, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The second part will be available at the beginning of 2018.

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