The throne Over the news: Gemma more and more in love

Published on May 10, 2017

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The night of unbridled passion between Gemma Galgani, and Marco Firpo, confirmed in particular by the ‘knight’ in the last recordings of the Throne Over, you are still holding a tour in the latest news of Men and Women because a few are waiting for the two, after having you leave in the past months and resumed only recently, they went so of the race. But Gem seems to be very taken as confessed last week to the Maurizio Costanzo Show and as he said interviewed by the weekly magazine ‘New Tv’.

After a tormented period, always marked by the unwelcome presence of George Manetti that was a memory hard to erase, Gemma has found the desire to fall in love and smile. So in the interview to the magazine of the show admits that, probably, when in September he had known for the first time Marco had not been able to evaluate it carefully. “I had not realized how much he was pure and sensitive,” he reveals, explaining that, fortunately, now everything is in place. “Are innamoratissima, I am one that loves without half-measures. Marco is a person with whom you are in tune”.

But she was not afraid that in the life of his new companion may recur his historical ex-that for the same admission of the mother of Marco attended him still? Gemma is quiet because he has already met this lady who takes care of the dog Firpo. The animal is the great amorphous ‘knight’, she sees nothing wrong and does not believe that there is something other than a good friendship. And judging by the stories spicy of his companion seems to be true.

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