The Throne of Swords: the new figures in Funko for Season 8


Published on Jun 02, 2019


Funko has always updated its figures dedicated to the final season of " The Throne of Swords, but the last trace of the two most important events of the Season 8 and the series as a whole.

New Pop figures! portray Daenerys as riding a Drogon who spits fire destroys King's Landing. The second figure is Bran Stark, alias King Bran the Broken aka the new ruler of the Six kingdoms. Both figures are already pre-orderable, with the expected distribution for October.

Funko will also launch two more figures: a variant that glows in the dark the King of the Night of the battle of Winterfell, which should soon be available via the Shop, HBO; and a variant of the masquerade of The Mountain by 6 inches, which will also be available at Walmart in the near future.

Other versions include Theon Greyjoy-protection mode (Bran Stark) and a super-size by 6 inches always of The Mountain.

They are also available for pre-order two versions of the characters from the episode of the Battle of Winterfell, titled The Long Night. More in particular, the figures are based on the clash between the Arya and the King of the Night. Also, here are the figures, pre-orderable, are scheduled for October.

Finally, the episode the Long Night also included some intense battle scenes between the King of the Night and her dragon Viserion, Daenerys and Drogon, and Jon Snow and Rhaegal. Now you can recreate those battles with the characters from Funko that you see above.

Funko has also unveiled a new figures standalone, Jon Snow, scheduled for November.

The Throne of Swords: the new figures in Funko for Season 8 is




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