The Throne of Swords 8: it will start with an epic battle


Published on Dec 07, 2018


The eighth season will conclude the epic ride of The Throne of Swords, finally giving the conclusion to the plots remained pending. A guest recently at a convention in Hungary, the actor who plays the King of the Night, Vladmir Furdik, has declared as the epic battle between the army of Strangers and the “living” of Westeros will take place before the last episode.

“In the third episode, there will be a battle that the production has always been described as a historic moment for the television. Will last for the whole episode, and then for about an hour.”

This cover is dedicated to Jon and Daenerys of the magazine Entertainment Weekly, side to side, like a real couple.

“This season, the plots revolve around characters who unite to fight a common enemy, deal with their past and define themselves as persons with a view to a death that seems imminent. And’ the end of the season incredibly exciting with sweet and sour flavour, I think honour fully all that the author (George R. R. Martin, ed.) has always had in mind for the story” the words of the magazine's co-executive producer, Bryan Cogman.

“To shoot a scene which in previous years would have been filmed in a day, it took us five days; there was a cure manic details, every scene was shot in all possible ways so that the production had a lot of options,” confesses one of the protagonists of the photos, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, who is in agreement with his new love interest in the series, “From the costumes, to makeup, to a single recovery, every little detail has been cared for as if it represented the whole series. Have been really of the shoot intense, even compared to the previous seven seasons.”

It is therefore inevitable that the protagonists of the first official image was their own, Jon and Daenerys: in addition to the usual wait for a new season, fans are left with bated breath for the events of the finale of the seventh season. Among the many facts and successes, one in particular has impressed in impressive fashion, all viewers: Jon Snow and Daenerys end up in bed together. The two, as we have seen, were observed to sneak up in the bedroom by Tyrion, surely a sex expert. In a previous interview, however, Peter Dinklage has surprisingly revealed that the little Lannister's feelings for the mother of dragons.

“Very often, the events that surround Tyrion are fundamental for the conquest of the throne, and concerning them also in the deep. Of course, feelings for Daenerys, he loves her, or at least so he thinks since that's not always chooses the right person to fall in love, is thinking highly of this” the words of Dinklage Entertainment Weekly, “There was definitely jealousy in seeing them, but she also loves Jon Snow. The two of them are surely the two people with whom he has more things in common: the feeling of being always out of place and not accepted and you want to choose a different path from the respective families are all elements that associate them. Tyrion is thinking it might be right, politically, the choice of the two, knows that love and politics do not combine well, and that this union could be dangerous for both of you. Or was shocked because they woke up”.

Speaking with Vulture instead, Peter Dinklage is back on the fate of Tyrion in this eighth and final season of " The Throne of Swords. “I feel very, very...I'm trying to find the right word,” says Dinklage, “I Think that the storyline of Tyrion is to be closed in the best of ways, and this is the important thing, regardless of whether to remain alive or if, instead, he will die”.

These words are the echo to the previous released to Entertainment Tonight, where the actor had praised the work of the two showrunner D. B. Weiss and David Benioff. “There are television scriptwriters best of them, they did conclude the series in a brilliant way, better than I could ever imagine. For Tyrion, there will be a conclusion to magnificent, and that is tragic or not.”

The finale of the beloved series therefore seems to be promising not only great battles, but also a thick plot of love relationships. In all of this, however, there will inevitably be space for the suffering and emotion: Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) has had the opportunity to speak of the eighth season, describing it as “heartbreaking”.

“Many are the stories of the characters that close completely, this season will be incredibly satisfying for the fans, incredibly exciting, and heartbreaking,” the words of the actress to IANS. “They are exactly the typical emotions you'd expect from the series, but being the last season is all amplified. I do not see the now that everyone can finally see her, I am excited about it.”

For Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) instead, will be satisfactory and will close with dignity all the stories up to now told.

“Just finished reading the script, I wrote to the writers, saying that they could not do a better job to end the story. For me it was very satisfying conclusion, I was surprised but at the same time I saw realized all the things that I hoped were” the words of the actor“, And remained completely consistent and makes sense, there are situations unreal or trivial, has been done a really good job. I was satisfied already by the end of the seventh season, for me that I play the role of Jaime, it was liberating to see him finally free from the influence of Cersei. She is interested in the throne, while he prefers the survival in power, staying in the middle between Cersei herself, and Tyrion”.

Although he has not given references precise to the place of the last scene of Arya ne of thrones, Maisie Williams has wanted to share with fans his excitement about it.

“I closed my journey as Arya scene with a perfect” words for The Guardian, “I Was alone and shockata, a bit like Arya, which was found to suffer all alone. I had already seen the other actors shooting their scenes end, their tears and I had already been able to feel the emotions that they felt. Come to an end, I felt I had quite enough of the character, also because I had given everything that I could give and Arya had closed beautifully in his path. This last season was very hard to turn for me, given the various commitments and also because the characters were very few compared to previous seasons.”

The Throne of Swords 8 will be aired on HBO on April 8, 2019, with the network that is already proceeding to the production of the first spin-off (probably titled “The Long Night), the cast will be a part of Naomi Watts and Josh Whitehouse, both in the main roles.

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