The third season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead will also be the last

Published on Apr 21, 2018

With an ad made in the course of the night, an announcement long feared by fans, Starz has revealed that the season finale of the tv series Ash vs. Evil Dead, which aired on the network April 29, will also be the last episode of the entire series which then will not be renewed for a fourth season.

Unfortunately, this will also mark the end of the adventures of Ash Williams, as the same actor, Bruce Campbell, after having hoped to return in the role of Ash in a movie, if the show had been cancelled, had backtracked, declaring that the brand would be definitely dead.

“If clear, it is the end for Ash”


No official explanation on the cancellation came from Starz, though with the show's disappointing third season seem to be the only suspect.

Bruca Campbell has so wanted to thank the network for the opportunity:

“Ash Williams has been the role of my life and it was an honor to be able to join again forces with Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi to give our fans another taste of the horror and outrageous comedy that they wanted to. I will always be grateful to Starz for giving us the opportunity to return to the franchise that launched our career,”

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