The thermostat Homgeek you control via iPhone


Published on Jul 22, 2017


Homegeek also brings in Italy his thermostat smart that offers advanced functions and can be controlled via your iPhone, even when we are away from home.

The packaging is very simple and inside there is the thermostat, the two screws for the wall mount and the instruction manual in English.

Aesthetically, the thermostat Homgeek has a white body and a touch panel LCD, backlit 3.2-inch. The logo Homgeek is located on the top, and is of silver color. At the bottom there is the power button red. The quality of the glass and of fire-retardant materials in general is excellent and gives a great sense of robustness.

The mounting is quite simple, since it is identical to that of a normal thermostat. Of course, if you are not familiar with this type of devices recommend that you contact specialised technicians (also because in the box is missing the flush-mounted box...). The thermostat is fed to 220V and use the two wires (phase and neutral) to give the signal to power on/off to the boiler or the air-conditioning system to which we want to connect to the device.

The LCD panel provides comfortable viewing both night and day. Size: 3.2-inch ensure a certain comfort in the use of the touch panel to control the various functions. The lock function prevents accidental touches and the activation is not desired for certain functions.

Once mounted and maintained in the first configuration, we can connect the thermostat Homegeek to the Wi-Fi network of the house. Using the special app for the iPhone, we can manage the functions of the thermostat even when we are away from home. For example, we can adjust the 4 levels of fan speed (low, medium, high and automatic). Also, always remote, we can turn on and turn off the thermostat and adjust the temperature of the house.

This is an interesting product for those who want to manage the temperature of the house at any time and even remotely. Sin for the absence of the flush-mounted box, and the compatibility with HomeKit.

The price is 46,99€, now on offer.




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