The thermometer Thermo Withings available on the Apple Store


Published on Aug 24, 2016


Arrives in Italy at Apple retail Stores (also online) the new thermometer Thermo Withings, which allows you to make quick measurements and save all data on the iPhone.

Using a sensor technology Hotspot, this thermometer ensures accurate readings and snapshots: Thermo is able to 4.000 measurements in just two seconds, and immediately detect the hottest point and then giving a very accurate reading of the temperature.

To make the measurement, simply place the thermometer to about 1 inch from the skin, so as to avoid any contact and ensure a high standard of hygiene. Thanks to the special app for the iPhone, you can create different profiles with the age of each person is measured the body temperature. In this way, Thermo will provide a feedback based on the age of the user: on the display you will see the green LED if the room temperature is normal, orange is high and red if it is too high.

Withings says that Thermo was designed especially for families that have kids in the house, saw that the measurement of their body temperature is vital and must be taken in a fast and precise way. Among other things, the app records all the measurements, then the user will always have available a history of temperatures measured in the past and for every member of the family.

Thermo is currently available exclusively at the Apple Store and online at the price of 99,95€.

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