The thermometer smart Koogeek you buy on Amazon a 24,99€


Published on Jan 30, 2017


On Amazon you can buy only 24,99€ the thermometer smart Koogeek. It is a thermometer that measure the instantaneous body temperature, sending the data on the iPhone.

This thermometer has an infrared sensor that ensures high accuracy of the individual measurements. Thanks to the integrated technology, this thermometer measures the body temperature in one second and with a single click. The operation is very simple: with the power key, it is possible to choose between the two modes that are measurement headset or measurement between the two eyebrows. The thermometer is also perfect, and especially for measuring the body temperature of children. The design is of the curved type, with smooth materials and protective cap.

Among other things, thanks to the infrared sensor is not required skin contact, since the measurement is also the distance of a few centimeters. From the settings you can choose between the temperature in F or C.

The device is capable of storing the last 30 measurements, with the possibility to transfer the app. The body temperature can be stored and controlled easily.

Thanks to the free app Koogeek allows you to monitor the temperature of the body by sending all the data via Bluetooth 4.0. With the app, you can monitor the health status of all members of the family, seen that the data can be divided among the various components.

The thermometer smart Koogeek is a simple device to use and precise in measurement. The price is only 24,99€.


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