The test of the cook on this 6th day of December, a recipe from the recovery club sandwich omelette


Published on Dec 06, 2018


What is the kitchen good today with the recipes de La prova del cuoco? Also in the episode of today, December 6, 2018, we came to a recipe of recovery. What can we do if we have leftovers of the frittata with the onions? The tip comes directly from The proof of the chef with the recipe for recovery today. Although it is difficult for the frittata leftovers, if it were to happen, we can prepare a delicious club sandwich. This is the recipe for recovery today. We use everything we have in the house for what concerns the choice of cheeses. The more they spin the better it is!

For what concerns the ingredients, can we really use what we prefer and that we have in the house. Our chef has chosen: 200 g leftover Omelet Onions
50 g of cooked Ham slices
100 g of smoked cheese in slices
50 g of boiled Spinach
100 g of Mozzarella
50 g of black Olive Paste
100 g of Robiola cheese

For the pesto of cherry tomatoes
50 g of sun-dried Tomatoes in oil
50 g Pine nuts
50 g of peeled Almonds
Q. B. olive Oil E. V. O.

For garnish:
Q. B. Basil

Take the omelette of onions advanced, cut it into squares, and then cut it again in order to draw triangles.
In a pan place a triangle of pancake, add the slices of ham and smoked cheese and close with a second triangle of pancake.
Repeat the operation in order to use up the ingredients planned for the farce and end the composition of the club sandwich with a triangle of pancake.
Stop the all with a wooden skewer and bake in the oven at 180° for 5 minutes.
In the meantime, in a mortar crush all the ingredients provided for the pesto.

Remove the club sandwich from the oven, place on serving dish, garnish with basil leaves and accompany with pesto of cherry tomatoes.

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