The test of the bottle of ketchup


Published on Mar 24, 2020


The premise

The other evening I was preparing a nice hamburger when, taking hold of the bottle of ketchup, I am reminded of one of the most absurd stories I've ever heard about american football.

I press on the bottle to pour my beloved sauce on the meat and I realize that I would be an extraordinary player line offensive in the NFL. You're probably wondering if this forced quarantine because of the risk CONVID-19's made me go crazy, but know that there is a coach line offensive that maybe a chance for me, would have given them; yes me would have a date because I would have passed the test of the bottle of ketchup!

Offensive line coach of the Cincinnati Bengals from 1994 to 2017, and the next year the Dallas Cowboys had in his service many Pro Bowlers, among which I cite by way of example, Willie Anderson, Andrew Whitworth, and Zach Martin.

Considered by Sports Illustrated one of the best coaches in the role, has always been distinguished for the high complexity of its schema locking. Adored by the coach of the Bengals Marvin Lewis has always received white paper in the choice of the players, even if in the last years of career he took the incredible back to earth, focusing on the Russel Bin .... ehm I wanted to say Bodine as a center for the protection of Dalton, bewitched by its splendid performance in the bench press in the Combine of 2014, and holding the holder, against all evidence of the field, until the expiry of the contract.

Similarly, it has contributed to the failure to rifirma, at affordable prices, Andrew Whitworth in 2017, considering it to be finished, (the Rams a thank you) to focus on two tackles selected to the first-and second-round 2015 : Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher, who found two “Bodine” incredible, condemning the Bengals to a laborious reconstruction of the line offensive that is still shaky.

In his book “Perform” Paul Alexander explained as he discarded a few players in line according to how they get out the ketchup from the bottles of the brand Heinz (the director will forgive me for advertising, but will understand that if a fan of the Bengals gets to mention the brand name that has given its name to the stadium of their bitter rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers wanted to say that you just could not do otherwise).

I translate freely from the book.

“Do you know why the number 57 is stamped in the prominence on the neck of the bottles of ketchup of Heinz? I asked this question in seminars for many years and only 5% of the bystanders was able to answer me. Perhaps the 57 represents the number of ingredients in the recipe, but because that's the point? Because you just gently press it and the ketchup will come out easily from the bottle. Those who conceived it is a genius.

When I see a huge football player and the overthrow of the said bottle and hit it with tremendous force but getting little result, I imagine that that player should be a player of the defensive line (author's note: note the lack of consideration of the intelligence of the defensive manages), or if the line is offensive may not be of my.

As the coach of the line offensive I love the giants, but the men of the line offensive, they must be the most intelligent and cohesive department on the field, because they are responsible for the 437.514 possible structures that the eleven defenders can take (no.d.a.: the precision of the number is not random but results from the combinatorial calculation of the possibilities of movement of the 11 defenders). The tactics in football can be as complex as a math problem and the coaches and their players must solve complex problems with simple solutions.”

The hope is that Paul Alexander has used this metaphor of ketchup and explain that physical force is not the main requirement for a man line of offensive, but that serve players smart for a role that is much more tactical than what you see from the outside.




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