The Teen Horror from the ’80s to today


Published on Jun 11, 2019


The horror genre fascinates bands are very wide and varied audience, ranging from fans historic to the younger boys. In this short article, I will analyze the horror genre focusing mainly on the Teen Horror genre, which have their roots in the sagas historical of the late ’70s, early ’80s and whose story continues up to the present day.

In its most simple definition, horror is a genre that is based on arousing in readers and spectators the feelings such as terror, fear, and, sometimes, even repulsion. Precisely because each of us has their own personal demons to live with, the factors of which it nourishes the genre can be varied.

But what makes more fear to the kids? This research has a particular subgenre of the horror or Teen Horror. The answer is however, as mentioned a little higher, subjective, for the purpose of an author of Teen Horror is to identify a fear common to all children.

The purpose can be achieved in different ways and through the presence of particular elements:

The protagonists of the Teen Horror genre, in the majority of cases, there are groups of boys are the victims of an escalation of serious injury or homicide consequential damages that slowly decimate the group. One of the few ways to escape death is the strength that comes by the spirit of survival and can be represented either by some supernatural power that by the recognition of an inner strength and a strong will to continue living. This brings, as a consequence, in the case in which the protagonist survives (event, this, which occurs very often, despite in some moments the readers or viewers might doubt, because of some special events), a new force, which is derived from the fact that we managed to survive the impossible.

Often the Teen Horror may also join other kinds, to make the effect of terror even more intense and engaging. The Teen Horror allows authors to go beyond and to draw in small doses from all these sub-genres, by inserting content that is violent, dead, disgusting creatures, scenes of gore and splatter and also references to the evil present in the real world. For any kind can be effectively mixed with the Teen Horror, the favourites are Mystery, science Fiction, and Fantasy.

What are the reasons why teenagers should want to watch a horror movie? The answer is much more simple than you might think: to feel the rush of adrenaline quickly in their veins! Watch a good movie Teen Horror is in fact an extremely secure to be able to experience directly a genuine sense of terror in a safe-area, but without actually being in danger of life, thanks to identification with the protagonists of these dark stories, which, in turn, leads viewers to wonder how you would behave if you were in the same situation that they are looking at on the screen, big or small.

However, it is not only the desire to be frightened: the fans of Teen Horror like this genre because it lets them explore the most obscure aspects of reality and fantasy in a context in which it is also possible to deal with your own fears.

Finally, last, but not least, is a Teen Horror is a great way to escape momentarily from reality, not to mention that it is a genre that provokes an emotional response is very strong, which is also one of the reasons why the children approach the Teen Horror.

Taking into consideration the fact that the Teen Horror is a genre born roughly in the Years ’80, it is natural that nowadays is a well-established and has a large group of fans, and not only among young people.

The decade in which the genre has produced the most number of films was that of his birth, thanks mostly to some of the franchise have now entered fully into the history of the Horror genre like Friday the 13th, Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street movie equally iconic as The Doll Killer (Child's Play, 1988), and Christine – The Infernal Machine (Christine, 1983).

In these nearly 40 years of history, the genre of Teen Horror has established itself also thanks to the recognition of some authors, whose works have a great impact on the public, as well as its own intrinsic value due to the merits of film.

One of the trends that is emerging, most at the current time is the exploration of the horror inherent in real life, through the discussion of issues such as, for example, eating disorders, abuse, or relationships destructive.

The recent readjustments of some of the novels in film format and the reboot of some of the historical films of the genre as The Doll Killer have the great merit to bring to the genre, Teen Horror increasingly large sections of the public.

Try it to believe it: from the 19th of June will be released in Italian cinemas, the world premiere of the highly anticipated reboot of the film The Doll Killer.

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