The sweet message of Bernardo Corradi for Elena Santarelli Sunday IN


Published on Oct 20, 2019


Didn't expect Elena Santarelli a message from her husband, Bernardo Corradi, and instead, in the episode of Sunday 20 October, 2019, I got a sweet surprise for the model. Guest of Mara Venier, to talk about his book and the mom knows it, Elena explained that her husband is not but much appear, not surprisingly, in the era of social media, he does not have any official profile. For this they had not expected to see a video and instead of aunt Mara has done it! Mission accomplished then for Mara Venier and convinced the husband of Elena to make a short video to give you another encouragement to a few hours from the release of the book in the library.

“And’ a kind man, romantic, affectionate and who is always there,” explained Elena talking about her husband.

The message Corradi is a bit for Elena, but also a bit for Mara Venier, who today celebrates his birthday.

“Hello love, I know it will be strange to see me in the video because they are less prone to this kind of things because I am very reserved but I could not do so for two reasons,” he said. “The first because I want to give you a big good luck for the release of the book, your yet another act of selflessness and generosity, and the second is to do the best wishes to her aunt Mara for the birthday, my effort has been a double but I hope it is enjoyed both by you and by Mara,” concluded Bernard in her video message.

The words of Corradi, who recalled how strong his wife, and that should also tell him more often, have moved Elena in a particularly delicate and sensitive at this stage of his life.

Married in 2014, Elena and Corrado, are the parents of little James and Greta. Elena revealed she understood that he would be the right man when Bernardo said to her: “You will be the woman that will be with you in the delivery room” is a sweet declaration of love.

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