The sweet memory of Romina Junior to grandmother Jolanda: a video to retrace the moments more beautiful


Published on Dec 11, 2019


It is really moving and touching the videos that Romina Junior, a few minutes ago he posted in his stories on Instagram. A reminder to grandmother Jolanda is switched off yesterday at the age of 96 years. The video begins with an image of sweet: grandmother Jolanda is exit to take a walk on the estate without telling anyone and Romina, the “rebuke” because nobody knew where it was. But she, with the strength that has always distinguished it, even using her walker to move around, reminds the nephew that he can't just sit around all day shut up in her house! And then there are kisses with her grandchildren, cuddling with the little Kay, Jolanda was also great-grandmother after the birth of the first son of Cristel. There are cakes you eat in the family, chats on the couch with Al Bano. And there are the moments spent in his land, in his estate. There are pictures of the daily life as simple and rural, linked to the origins of which no one in the family Carrisi, has ever been able to do less. And here is Jolanda while preparing the sauce, while chatting on the estate with her friends. And then we find her in the kitchen, while she prepares one of the dishes is certainly the favorite of his grandchildren. Then the video to send to those who are far away, how many of the new for a woman of 96 years of things, in the course of his life, has seen numerous.

And finally the video closes with the words of Jasmine Junior for his grandmother, and phrases the most beautiful.

And here are the words of Jasmine, this morning, to remember her grandmother Jolanda:

“Hello grandma, We will miss you. I will miss having lunch with you and hear your stories of ancient times,” wrote Romina posting a photo, hand-in-hand with his sweet grandmother.

“I will miss all the times that I have screamed while pattinavo in the salon and I was a mess with the toys . When you see my friends, and urlavi masculi cu masculi and fimmini cu fummini. I was lucky,” continued her dedication to the sweet Jasmine.

An immense pain for everyone.

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