The sweet dedication of Ilary Blasi to his sister Silvia in the day of the wedding (PHOTOS)


Published on Jul 20, 2019


Has decided to document every moment of this day by posting on social a lot of video and several photos. Ilary Blasi was really very happy to celebrate with her family about the marriage of Silvia. Yesterday, July 19, 2019, in Rome, the big sister of Ilary is married. And the tv presenter, who now is more and more active on social media, has decided to share with all her fans and not only, of what was living together with the people in her care. And it is not even a sweet dedication made by Ilary to his sister Silvia, who yesterday married his boyfriend Ivan.

These are the sweet words of Ilary on social

19.07.19. Mancavi only you to reach the’ en plein and you did so on the day that most represents you.Thou who art the greatest of US, and demonstrates it in everything you do .To you Silvia, I hope you will always smile just like you do in this photo❤️❤️❤️I love you, my sister, my

Silvia was really beautiful and radiant on her wedding day, as we have seen from the many photos that Ilary has published on his profile on instagram.

And here are some images that the same Ilary posted on social in the course of the day

There were, however, also in this case, the criticism, of the rest there are always the crooks of the situation. In the viewfinder of the criticoni this time it is over Ilary that, for many, was not wearing a dress appropriate for a church ceremony. The choice of trousers for life high and the top that let see the shoulders and belly, apparently, for many, was not suited to a church ceremony. To Ilary, however, apparently this look is loved!

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