The Sunday Ventura changes the Sunday of Rai 2


Published on Sep 13, 2019


No races, no games, no Italy, no Sunday In the family. The Sunday of Rai 2 will change, and the revolution part by Simona Ventura, which returns to be a beacon of the network, directed by Carlo Freccero. That Sunday will be? One Sunday in ventura with many innovations, so much football, so much the sport but also entertainment. The presenter promises a transversal programme to be able to win a slice of the heterogeneous public. It will be so?

Discover news and advances in the new program of Rai 1 on Sunday Ventura from tomorrow's live, of course.

It starts tomorrow: “The Sunday Ventura” is the new sports program, broadcast on Rai 2 from the 15th of September at 12.00. Simona Ventura is back on the network that has given us so much success. At his side, Francesco Rocchi, a journalist and sent Raisport. The host of the first episode, Massimo Ferrero, President of Sampdoria.

Every Sunday an hour of transmission at full pace to tell the story of the match of 12.30 through what happens both inside and outside the stadiums: the voices of the protagonists, but also those of their families, to live new situations, never seen before, with the connections of the messengers who, from the houses of the players or all around Italy, will offer a different point of view of the game of football.

In studio Simona Ventura will host and will give voice to the champions of the sport, past and present: exclusive interviews and original, with particular attention to the female world of sport and the stars of the various disciplines, and blue. Entertainment and information, therefore, the result of a collaboration between Rai-2 and rai sport: “Sunday Ventura” is ready to tell you an hour of sports from a different perspective and absolutely innovative.

Then the event to Sunday with the first episode of the program of Rai 2. Kick-off at 12 and then the line to the Tg of Rai 2.

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