The Sunday beast is Mara Venier between gaffe, “desertion” and music


Published on Feb 11, 2019


That Sunday, beastly! We are sure that Mara Venier does not you will never forget the Sunday IN the post Sanremo 2019. In the afternoon of February 10, 2019 on the stage of the Ariston is the success of all and for the presenter, if not already in good shape, manage the emergency desertion was not at all simple. Not only that, Mara has also paid the price to know little about the artists arrived on stage of the Ariston, and this home has seen. The afternoon went smoothly, thanks probably to the absence of many big, but complicit in the lack of time and organization. And so for example we have seen, the Achille Lauro, which performed twice with his song and Nek liquidated in two seconds I had the last button of the jacket. Probably was not the fault of the presenter that again, he had to improvise often to manage the whims of the singers. This, however, has generated a chaos that has come to the house and not only. The difference of treatment between various artists, this also has increased the controversy.

Shade, for example, after his performance on Sunday complained on social for the fact that the presenter did not even knew how to pronounce his name. And he also added, letting it be understood not to condemn the attitude of the Last, that when these things happen the “scazzo” is around the corner. The singer, in fact, said he has waited together with Federica Paper for two hours to perform, and then receive not even a question worthy of the name since it is made of the chatter on the gossip ( was asked of him and Federica if they were together). In short, the general chaos has affected a bit this episode is complicated for all.

The stake of the rest of it was open with a resounding gaffe of the presenter that he had asked Mahmood what they thought of his mom and dad to victory in Sanremo, a pity that the song of the winner of the Festival, explains that between him and his father there is no relationship. Alessandro has responded with education, citing only his mother but the presenter took home the first gaffe of the day.

There were then technical issues that haunt Mara: if, in his classic on Sunday IN the video do not start ever, at the right time this Sunday IN sanremo has not even worked out the base that was used for the exhibition of Nino d'angelo and Livio Cori.

Sunday In the abnormal also if we think at the moment with Serena Rossi, to which it was dedicated very little space compared to what we would have thought. Abnormal also because Mara, who also likes to do this, she often entertained the singers as it was to his house, we think of the chatter made Patty Pravo while the poor Brig to the middle of the stage he spoke to journalists.

The feeling is that the general chaos of the afternoon, the beast has done is that each schema must have jumped over. In these appointments, however, you should keep a certain rigor: to give the same space or at least to try, to the artists on stage , try to make everyone the same questions, and so on. The risk is that the next year, the lovely Sunday post Sanremo become an escape for artists who do not feel treated in a proper way.


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