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Published on Jul 11, 2018


Summer arrives, and Caponata Meccanica goes to sea: here for you 10 tips for books, comics, librogame, and role-playing games to enjoy under the beach umbrella!

As every year (since last year), here are some fresh tips to read, play and live adventures of dream during your summers, I hope that they are as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible.

Like last year, here are some of the parameters of the following list:

– Only stuff fantasy kicking, tales of fear, horror rurale de noantri, sci-fi, adventurous hands full (oops... I realize only now that this year I have not included anything about science fiction; we'll do it next year): in short, nothing robe realistic, noiosette and banalotte. From these parts we like the giant monsters and the zombie-cyborg-alien-ninja.

– Only stuff in Italian or translated in Italian, for the reader svaccato on the lounge chair that doesn't want to brainstorm too much with the English.

– Only stuff recently, or easily recoverable on, with the appropriate affiliate link put well in evidence: “if you can not find it on Amazon, then it does not exist!”

– Only stuff that is read without fatigue on a towel or in the hammock, and that is not self destructive as you read: among these ten books for the summer you will NOT find mammoths and listening to the words giants with coperine rigid. In some Librogame and Kindle Book.

– Special Guest: a beautiful role-playing game, also chosen for its ease of preparation and learning.

Here, then, to you seven books, a comic, a librogame, and a role-playing game, to:

Let's start by Acheron Books, which releases a few books a year, but each one always extraordinary in its kind. Last year there consigliavo two, this year, I would condense your reads of the summer connected with the publishing house in Milan on Dark Italy, a compendium of horror, the Italian quality in the nine short stories of authors such as Samuel Marolla, Claudio Vergnani, Danilo Arona, Davide Mana, Mauro Boselli and Luigi Musolino... the true elite of the writing of terror in our own. Dark Italy is not only a collection of Italian authors, but he also speaks of places and themes in Italian: the mountains, the country villages, scenes in piedmont, the usual Bassavilla of Arona...

Attention only to confirm the titles of the stories before purchasing it to make sure you know them already: not all of them are unedited!

Why read it: excellent collection of horror-themed italic; if you like the genre, well as the book of the holiday!

Logical leap easy from Dark Italy a Uironda, given that the author of this latest book it is also present in the earlier collection. Caponata Mechanical appreciates the pen of Luigi Musolino, in any form, then also Uironda powerfully enters in the list of readings for the summer. Very similar to the previous intent, this collection antologizza different horror stories and disturbing set in an Italy that is marginal and terrifying.

The real difference is that – of course – in this case, the author of the ten stories is only one: the same Musolino, who in the past has already proven to be good in the one-man-show, with for example the collection of Dark Regions, which tells of a 20-horror stories set in each of the Italian regions. Uironda see evolve is still the style of Musolino in a book, nice and thick, yet the most eerie and disturbing of the Dark Italy. It's beautiful, but approcciatevi to this book with the awareness of being to immerse yourself in a journey into the horror of the thick and disturbing.

Why read it: true horror, stories that are truly terrifying, again, set in our Beautiful Mal Country. The last book came out of a great Italian talent.

You spoke many times of Alessandro Girola on Caponata Meccanica. Girola is the godfather of self-publishing in Italian, at least for what concerns the speculative fiction: with a continuous production cycle, a care professional page layout, graphics and editing, and a promotion strategy from social media manager consumed, Alessandro demonstrates how to be independent and “craft”, it can work also in Italy. IF YOU'RE GOOD AT. Among the many stories and novels (and role-playing games) that is cranking out these last few months, I would recommend “the last of The Calvino,“ a story not too long, halfway between the novel and short story, available only in digital version, at a price nazionalpopolare: download it now!

Why is this news? Because it represents to me the quintessence of the stories of Girola, or at least one of his spirits the most typical: a village is typically Italian lost in the province, with an atmosphere vaguely disturbing, a protagonist who is outside and we must go to work, and already does not like, a centuries-old mystery to settle, the old myths in italics that go back to the surface, a dynamic and adventurous but who slips into the horror... in short, pure rural gothic, Italian, in its most pleasing shape and smooth.

Why read it: an inspiring story written by one of the most notable Italian authors of the genre.

Allow me to add in this list is a collection of short stories where I appear too, but the thing is incidental: the Mediterranean is an anthology that is meaningful for the chosen theme, or the little used but very noble subgenre of fantasy mediterranean. Digging even more in the niche, here it comes, in particular, of Heroic Fantasy (or Sword & Sorcery) in the italic/mediterranean, all composed by Italian authors.

If you know the Italian scene of this subgenus, there will be unknown the ten authors assembled here, who continue to rimescolarsi and appear in many products released in these years: Heroic Fantasy vol. 1, the Heroic, the Hoe and the Sword, No kicking, and the next Thanatolia, the next chapter of this rediscovery of the Italian of a certain way of writing fantasy, which will be announced in the next few days.

The mediterranean is not only the names and ideas: the collection is really dense, heterogeneous, and full of pearls, and the council certainly because all that the Mediterranean there is the ideal world in which to dive during the summer. Only flaw: you can find it only in digital version, and only on the website of the Association of Italian Sword & Sorcery, something that works a little bit against its spread. EDIT: the curator tells me that I said a nonsense. You can find actually (in digital version) on all platforms of online sales, including Amazon.

Why read it: a collection of fantasy solar and home, ideal to enjoy under the beach umbrella.

The creator of Conan the Barbarian and Solomon Kane has invaded the pulp magazines of the ’30s with a wealth of other characters, the less famous of the Cimmero and the Puritan. From time to time, the worthy Italian publishing houses, Elara, and the Providence Press are publishing themed collections of these cycles are less known to Howard, pulling out the goodies and glorious, even at the level of editorial quality.

The last read by me of these collections is the one that I would advise bomb for your summer: The Lord of Samarkand and other stories of the eastern, Elara. The anthology collects tales of drug use, exotic and adventurous, a true concentrate of heroism, the desperate passion, horseback pursuits and battles. The theme is “eastern” or to be understood from the Holy Land in Samarkand, the stories are all framed historically in the great events of the middle ages and of the modern age and there are often links from one to the other, as for example, the same protagonist or a quotes of other characters or events which have occurred in other accounts (to be cross-referenced with those of the collection “Woman with Swords“, always, Elara).

There appear to be neither the Cimmero nor Puritan, I said, but it is also true that in each story, we find a character that resembles them, in the determination, in the tragedy and in the twirling of the blades and of the adventures. Don't feel the lack, indeed!

Why read it: stories very dense action and adventure in exotic scenarios, written by an exceptional pen. Never again be without!

A small discovery took place a little by chance, after being contacted by the author (who otherwise would not have known), and have agreed to receive the book for a read and a comment. Find fantasy the Italian, who is at the same time cool and airy, exciting, and original, WELL-WRITTEN and compelling, but also fun and relaxing, I have to admit that for me it is now a company




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