The summer afternoon of Channel 5 in the name of a soap, at least for now


Published on Jun 11, 2019


How to change the schedule d Channel 5 starting from the 17 June 2019? for the moment, the programming is not expected to large shocks, on the contrary. It will be a summer afternoon by the taste of the soap that Mediaset has chosen for its flagship network. As you'll know by next Monday Afternoon, Five will not go in the wave, Barbara d Urso begin the holidays. But unlike what happened in the past, with the summer movie broadcast on Channel 5, at least for the time being ( probably until The secret pass in the pre-evening) we will see only soap in the afternoon of the network.

We see, then, that will be Monday, June 17, the new calendar of afternoon Channel 5.

-To 13,40, as always, will be aired on the bold and the Beautiful who will keep us company at least for the month of June with the episodes unedited

-To 14,10 will be aired on life with the classic moment of about 30 minutes

-To 14,45 will air on the soap Turkish Bitter Sweet -the Ingredients of love ( good debut in the first episodes with an average of over 2 million viewers)

-At 15,40 starts the afternoon of the public of the Channel 5 in the company de The secret

The soap Spanish will be aired up to 18.45 almost three hours in the afternoon busy so the soap Spanish.

At the moment, as you can see from the photo of the Tv Guide the official Mediaset this is the situation, then, if it should change, we will give you all the necessary updates.

We don't know yet if this will be a decision for the moment. As you know, in fact, usually on Channel 5 in the summer, airing the film in the replication ( or even of the rare first vision); usually romantic comedies that are suitable to a female audience. In this case, at least for the third week of June, Mediaset trial to object to the competition with the soap. We'll see if the audience will appreciate!

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