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Published on Sep 10, 2019


Week 2 interesting what we just left behind with many challenges balanced and some inevitable surprise (we're still talking about college football).

The program at 18:00, as raccontatovi in the preview, we had some challenges intriguing that they should serve to give us a response from the most trusted regard to the real state of health of some big after the excursions of week 1.

All easy if not very easy for Ohio State, which has found little resistance from Cincinnati, finishing with 42 points on the board inspired by the great Fields (4 td for him, two passing and two rushing) and a JK Dobbins, 141 yards and 2 TD, whose input will be essential for the race to the B1. Defeat surprise, at least in the dimensions in which it arrived, for Cuse overwhelmed by the exuberance of the attack of Maryland, led by former VT Josh Jackson (296 yards, and 3 TD for him), capable of putting to the board a 63-point (record vs ranked opponent) 42 of which only the first time. After the 79 week 1 with Howard on the attack of the former OC of Alabama Mike Locksley is confirmed as one of the most productive college football, at least for the moment.

She has fought week 2, however, was that of Ann Arbor where a Michigan in search of his attack has risked big against the cadets of Army. Under a TD at the end of the first half and unable to break through the resistance of the Black Knights the Wolverienes needed two OT to avoid the upset. The transition from the football run and run Harbough to the spread offense Josh Gattis is proving more complicated than expected. The glass half full, is represented by the victory in itself, seen the evolution of the game, she came for more in the circumstances “climatic” complex with the same fans, UM, that at some point they whistled (here are buuuu but little change), the team is always the most talked about Jim Harbough, annoyed by the shortcomings of their offense. Wolverines definitely want to review.

Seventeenth consecutive victory at Clemson, which, in one of the two big match of the day, rid of Texas A&M so much more convincingly than you can tell the 24-10 with that you closed the challenge. After the skirmishes leading Tigers have put the third (not the fifth, third) and have simply become “unmanageable” for the training of Coach Jimbo Fisher. Wonderful the ability to “extend the play” Trevor Lawrence on the occasion of the first TD of the Tigers, impressive speed and the aggressiveness of the D Venables who in spite of having lost a DL the NFL has destroyed every single play in the offensive of the Aggies, whose only TD came when there were 6 seconds to the end of the meeting. At this time there is Clemson, a step below Bama, the rest of the universities can only participate, compete is out of the question.

In the contemporary domain of Clemson is staged in Boulder, Colorado, one of the challenges in the most exciting of the entire week 2. You arrive with more question marks than certainties after week 1, Cornhuskers and Buffaloes have given life to a game that has summed up perfectly the qualities and the defects (many) of the two teams. 17-point advantage at the end of the first half were not enough to Nebraska in the second fraction showed the limits glimpsed in the opener and after having her reach to 46 seconds by the super reception of Tony Brown is capitolata, in overtime, failing to respond to the football of the OLD kicker James Stefanou. Total euphoria and invasion to the Folsom Filed, well-documented, even by our Emanuele Sortino!

— Sortospino (@Sortospino) September 7, 2019

We will not say anything, because there is nothing to say, of the non-competitive Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Oregon, Penn State and Oklahoma (my mom Jalen Hurst) while Utah after a first time balanced, has granted a total of 69 yards on the attack of Northern Illinois, taking command of the operation and won the challenge with a score of 35-17.

Two more words on the ready for Mizzou after the misstep of Week 1 has found a super Kelly Bryant (and a defense compliant) that allowed the Tigers to take control of the match right from the start and managed to close the first time, on the score of 31-0. From the review, as widely predicted, West Virginia, who after toiling with JMU has been shown to be an open site ( 171 yards of total offense gained by the Mountaineers).

Before arriving at the other big match of the day let's see what have been the upset (or alleged) and let's start from the Canes that after the loss to Florida were called to get the challenge with the Tar Heels of the legend Mack Brown. After being under for most of the meeting, the boys of Manny Diaz have found the first advantage of the game with 4:22 on the clock of the 4/4. It was not enough. For the second week in a row, UNC, driven by super freshman Sam Howell, is riuscia to overturn the result by finding the TD of the victory one minute from the end, condemning Miami to 0-2. For North Carolina's best start of 2014.

Decided to step back for Jacob Eason and his Huskies in an evening that is conditioned by the bad weather (suspended game long for lightning) have been the surprise for the second year in a row by the Cal. The three points of victory for the Golden Bears came in at 8 seconds from the end with a kick from 17 yards to Gregg Thomas after that, always with two FG, the owners of the home in the last quarter were able to shorten the first and find the advantage then. Beyond the game unhappy transfer from Georgia to worry about is the defense against the rides. The 192-milled from Cal am, the maximum granted by the fiesta bowl two years ago that Washington faced Penn State and “this” Saquon Barkley.

The second black-out in a row for the UDFS, which after the comeback of Boise State has repeated the feat by vaporizing the 21-point lead in the first quarter, and the 10 remaining at the beginning of the 4/4. The good news for the Seminoles is the victory (no upset), came in overtime thanks to a 36 range day Cam Akers (a record for the UDF); it remains to be seen if this time it was the dehydration is the cause of the collapse of Florida State, or if “maybe” the problems are from other parts of the...

Disaster Teneesee that after losing their first game with Georgia State was repeated in a challenge that could not go wrong with BYU... panic Mode turned on in Knoxville!

We end the review of the surprises of week 2 with the back-up QB battle. Both Stanford, unconvincing at the onset, that USC had their back-up to the challenge: they have triumphed over the trojans, and Kedon Slovis, who ended the game with 377 yards and 3td highlighting the limits defensive team Sho giving a little bit of oxygen and of hope to a program, to USC, which saw certainly the best moments.

We close this recap of week 2, with the challenge between Texas and LSU that saw the Tigers win and convince. Less well than expected the defence that after the content Ehlinger and his companions for the first time has granted to the Longhorns too many big play that have brought Texas into the game. Phenomenal Joe Burrow and the attack of LSU. The former Ohio State, recruited by Herman when the HC of the Longhorns was at Ohio State, ended the challenge with 471 yards and 4 TD, confirming that the progress seen in the opener went beyond the value of the opponent. Ehlinger was no playing the usual game of monster and finishing with 400 yards passing, 69 rushing and 5 td total (4+1). As for the LSU defense review in the home Longhorns, especially the secondary, which has too suffered the speed of the trio of Jefferson-Chase-Marshall (433 yards combined and 4 tds). Important victory for the Tigers that doesn't resize, however, as I said to Herman in the press conference, the ambitions of Texas. Moral: teams to follow up at the end of the season.




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