The summary of Week 12 NCAA


Published on Nov 23, 2018


We are now almost arrived at the end of the “regular season”, and although this is week 12, there has reserved too many surprises, the ranking and the rankings of the Conference still have a lot to say.

Let's start with the surprises, and then by the defeat of West Virginia for the work of Oklahoma State; the Cowboys confirmed ammazzagrandi and after the scalp of Boise State and Texas (and one barely missed against Oklahoma) defeated the Mountaineers, forcing the team to Holgorsen to win mandatory challenge against the Sooners, hoping to go to the Championship. Likely a lot Ohio State against Maryland, but slava to OT because of a missed conversion from the 2 points of the Terps; also to the team of Meyer in the next match against Michigan will be decisive for the fate of B1. The Wolverines win but not convincing against Indiana, and they have the better on the Hoosiers only thanks to the second time.

In the upper part of the ranking win Alabama and Clemson on the Citadel and Duke, while Notre Dame puts on the show that test of strength that everyone expected, destroying Syracuse in the beautiful surroundings of Yankee Stadium. Easy wins for Georgia, Oklahoma, LSU, Washington State and UCF, respectively, against Umass, Kansas, Rice, Arizona and Cincinnati; for the latter, the other revelation of this year, there will be no option to dispute the Championship of the AAC.

In the second part of the ranking continues the journey of Florida that wins over Idaho, Penn State over Rutgers, Kentucky wins in the effort against Middle Tennessee and Washington, that exceeds the hurdle Oregon State. Utah with the victory over Colorado, it ensures the transition to the PAC 12 Championship with rival that will be decided by the Apple Cup between Washington and Washington State. Decided the challenger to Clemson for the title of the ACC and will be Pitt, who through the victory over Wake Forest ousts Virginia from the race.

For the other conference will have to wait for Friday and the game between Houston and Memphis to get to know the opponent UCF in the AAC; the same for the C-USA, that will see the UAB opposed to a between FIU and Middle Tennessee. In the MAC will be Buffalo and NIU the challengers while in the Mountain West the game between Utah State and Boise State will decide the opponent for Fresno State. To finish off the Sun Belt will face a between Troy and Appalacchian Been (competing Saturday), and one between the states of Louisiana, Arkansas State and UL Monroe.

[NCAA] The rivalry of the week: Michigan Wolverines at Ohio State Buckeyes

Here's the proof of strength that we were expecting from the Irish on a picturesque setting such as the one at Yankee Stadium and a very difficult opponent as Syracuse. And when we talk about the test of strength is not only, so to speak, because the Irish have really paved the Orange in a net and without appeal. Both difensivamente that offensively, the test of the guys Kelly was nearly flawless and the game would have been able to finish with a score much larger if too many mistakes in the redzone, they had not conditioned precisely, the attack of “home”. If there is one point to make to this team is the infertility in the last 20 yards, too many three and out, a 4 down wasted with an interception and some decision perhaps too hasty. Clear that in a hypothetical clash of the playoffs, these mistakes could cost you the game, but the ease with which the ND came in the redzone leaves good hope for the rest of the season. The Orange, unfortunately, have had to play 3/4 of the game without their lighthouse offensive Dungey that has deprived the game of a sure protagonist; however, the strength and the aggressiveness of the defense of the Irish would not let escape even the #2. His replacement in the united states has been targeted for a 45-minute, intercepted twice and sackato for 6 times a demonstration of the fact that in the line of scrimmage, the comparison was totally unequal. Clear that this defeat, for the net was, not changing a comma to the great season of Syracuse who, after years of anonymity, you are making a name within the ACC, thanks to the great work of Dino Babers.

For Notre Dame, instead, the job is not yet finished but has just begun; beat in fact the USC is only a starting point for what hopefully will be the goal of the playoffs after the waltz of the Championship, given that we remember that the Irish, being an Independent, does not dispute any of the final conference and in a certain sense, they are disadvantaged when it is drawn up on the ranking final. The last time that undefeated ND faced USC, then came up at the national finals in 2012 and at least the cabal bodes well from this point of view. With respect to that year, the Irish were winning, but not back much while USC and departed, even as the first of the ranking, and came to the fight with a record of 7-4. For The Trojans, has not changed much this year, seen the many problems of the team of Helton while ND has proved to be a team much more solid, more complete, and which has left very few doubts. Even here, however, be careful not to underestimate opponents because we have seen that although they have more hopes to win the Pac 12 South, the Trojans have yet another goal to reach and that is the one of the Bowl given the record of 5-6, which is why Kelly and his boys must not be crushed by the weight of the perfect season, consider this game as all the others and play as they have done so far without thinking too much about what might happen after.

In the end the Mountaineers have lost. The challenge against the Cowboys was in fact one of the more insidious and happened in the worst period, and Holgorsen has paid perhaps too much presumption or too much security.

West Virginia was in fact in control for long stretches of the game, but has then suffered the return of Oklahoma State that did not expect to hit in the moment of greatest vulnerability. The team Gundy confirms real ammazzagrandi and after the prank at Boise State and Texas, and having missed the victory against the “cousins” Sooners, has managed to ruin the lives of the Mountaineers. Without too many ups and downs and the lack of continuity in view of this year we'll be talking about probably a program in the fight for the BIG XII, without a doubt, but perhaps also for something bigger.

It is precisely the struggle for the conquest of the conference now is more interesting because we will see to the final showdown between Oklahoma and precisely, WV. Who wins between the two is sure of a place in the final while the loser must hope for the defeat of Texas that will go to make a visit to Kansas. Incredibly it is still in the fight even Iowa State because if WV and Texas lost and the Cyclones the win both (because there are 2 matches still to Iowa State), Matt Campbell will ensure that the dispute of the Championship, sending probably shattered on the side of the bookmakers. Friday night we will know with certainty the fates of these teams, and only the one who wins is now secure of a place in the sun. Who will live, will see.

Continues unabated the race for the Heisman Trophy with Tagovailoa that now seems to be in the home stretch. The QB of Alabama was the star of the victory over the Citadel with 340 yards, 3 TD passes and 1 TD rushing. Also Kyler Murray, however, does not want to stop and thanks to 3 TD rushing, and 2 on step guide the Sooners to victory over Kansas.

Record performance for the third of the ranking, Gardner Minshew, which establishes the records of the university, with 7 TD passes; with this super game, Wazzu has secured the W on Arizona. Will Grier, despite the defeat with the Cowboys, has put in row numbers good finishing with 364, 2 TD pass and a personal rushing as it closes the top 5-Jonathan Taylor, who in the victory of Wisconsin over Purdue, is the author of a performance to be framed with 321 yards and 3 TD rushing.




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