The Suicide Squad: John Cena in talks for a role


Published on Apr 17, 2019


James Gunn, despite the recent return to directing Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3, is working on a new course of the Suicide Squad film, according to Variety, may be seen in the cast John Cena: the WWE champion would be, in fact, in negotiations for a yet-unspecified role in the film. Excluding the return of old characters (and their actors), including the new entry Ratcatcher, King Shark or Polka Dot Man, there is definitely plenty of choice with respect to the party to be given at the Dinner. In the last few years, Cena has taken part in movies such as Daddy's Home (and the sequel), The Wall, hands Down by our daughters, and especially Bumblebee; an eventual presence in The Suicide Squad, alongside actors of the calibre of Idris Elba (who will not be Deadshot, but still take part in the film) and Margot Robbie (confermatissima as Harley Quinn) could launch is definitely the professional wrestler in the world of Hollywood, especially if the cinecomics DC were to succeed.

According to Revenge of the Fans also, The Suicide Squad will have among the protagonists, a femme fatale alien between 20 and 30 years. For this role seeking an actress able to be at ease with the prosthesis are uncomfortable and heavy. From the small description, it is not clear which character DC is talking about, but, seeing the rest of the characters (King Shark, Polka-Dot Man, Ratcatcher, Killer Frost, and Peacemaker), it could be someone not so well-known by the public at large.

In the meantime, Jai Courtney has confirmed the return of Captain Boomerang, the old knowledge of the film by David Ayer.

“The shooting will begin in a few months, I can't say much, but you, the Boomerang will there be” the words of the actor during the promotion of his new film, Storm Boy. Return also Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (although her role is not very clear), when it should be yes Deadshoot, but with a new face candidate to replace Will Smith would be Idris Elba.

These above are the words of producer Peter Safran on The Suicide Squad“The Suicide Squad is at the moment, the priority for James Gunn, the end of the movie, and then he Guardians 3. It's the best solution, was handled by both parties in a stylish way and I think that is the best for the fans and for James himself.”

“Don't call it Suicide Squad 2 because it's a reboot, it's The Suicide Squad, and I think that people should be extremely enthusiastic of the project. There is everything you'd expect from a screenplay by James Gunn, and I think that says a lot and raise the expectations and I'm sure will be appreciated.”

Finally, on the rivalry between Marvel and DC: “I like the idea that James is to direct two films of the two universes because it has always embraced the idea that what unites fans of comics and superheroes is greater than what divides them. [...] This rivalry is to me absurd.”

The output of the film is currently scheduled in the USA for the 6 August, 2021.

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