The Suicide Squad: Benicio del Toro to be the villain?


Published on May 11, 2019


While the cast of the “sequel” to James Gunn begins to be completed, new details arrive about the actors that will form the new team of the villain. The newcomer Idris Elba will be the protagonist of this new version along with some faces already seen in the first film, but we don't know yet which character he'll play.

But Geeks Worldwide reports that the character of the river Elbe in The Suicide Squad have a daughter, that would lead you to think that will play Sportsmaster or Deathstroke, two assassins, but with strong family ties. Of course this is not confirmed, and there has been much speculation on the role of Elba since the time when his name was announced.

Initially, Elba was found to be the replacement for Will Smith as Deadshot, another assassin with a daughter to look after. But soon the whole thing was debunked, by the will of Gunn to give a new formation to the team.

But Deathstroke has already appeared in the cinematic universe DC saw that Joe Manganiello played the character in the scene post-credits of Justice League. It was also meant to be the protagonist of a movie solo, but those plans are now changed. Thus, a new interpreter is not to be excluded.

In the comics, Deathstroke has three children who follow different paths: Rose (Ravager), becomes a killer like his father, while Joey (Jericho) becomes a hero and a member of the Teen Titans. Their brother, Grant, died in a conflict.

Sportsmaster is best known for her appearance in Young Justice, where she plays one of the main antagonists. His daughter Artemis often fought as a member of the team, but the two have a relationship that is dysfunctional that binds them.

Also Benicio del Toro seems to be involved in the project, as the villain; the actor should play a character that, for now, said The Mayor, who was described as an “old warrior-trigger temper who lives for war”. The description is rather generic and could refer in fact to many DC characters. We can only wait for confirmations.

The Suicide Squad should make its debut in theatres on August 6, 2021.

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