The story of the fairy tale of Tiziano Ferro and Victor Allen


Published on Jul 15, 2019


“I've always loved the silence: now listening to your voice in the next room and I feel at home”

Tiziano Ferro has celebrated over the weekend in Sabaudia her marriage with Victor Allen, after a secret ceremony took place in Los Angeles on June 25. The news and the photos have been entrusted to an exclusive preview in Vanity Fair, the singer tells the love story with the american marketing manager (who has 54 years, 15 more of him), and the choice to marry, in reality the result not of a decision that has matured in time, but by an initiative to the surprise of the Victor.

“The day of my birthday,” says Iron, “he asks me if I do what he calls the ‘novio coffee’, a beverage of my invention – novio means boyfriend in Spanish – with a basis of coffee, hazelnut, sweetener, whipped cream and cinnamon. One thing almost undrinkable that only likes him. I think: that sucks, it was my birthday and I have to make you coffee? However, I do it. In the meantime he says to me, ‘I took two cups, I made affect’... I was always more pissed off I take a on which there is written ‘love’ in Italian. Him: ‘Look at the other’. I'll take your hand and I begin to read, it's in Italian, it is written: do you want to wed... I turn before you finish up, Victor is on his knees, with a collection of Tiffany's hand. I totally lost control of myself. I remember only my shoulders that are frightened: I cried for twenty minutes without being able to say a word. However, it will be our history, the Victor will be the only person in the world to give me that look of absolute joy that I felt most from my childhood”.

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Iron and Allen, explains the singer-songwriter in the interview, have been together for three years, from when they met in Los Angeles in a hallway of the Warner Bros., where Titian had to turn the video of a song, and where Victor worked. Even then there was half a cup of coffee, the Italian tried a Starbucks, the american ‒ who had no idea he was a musician of success ‒ the invited the day for a macchiato, and what was born thing.

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The double marriage: a hundred american friends in Los Angeles (“Who would have thought that the first gay wedding I would have attended would have been my”), a forty-intimate Italian Sabaudia, faiths, with different dates (the one of the celebration, Italian for Allen, american Iron), colors reversed (“I dress the blue and he gray in Los Angeles, the opposite of Sabaudia”) and the choice to share the happiness “because with the marriage he became part of my family, and this is a truth that can not be silent... a truth that, as at the time of my coming out, I hope it can be useful to someone”.

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