The spring hurts to Rai 1: to listen in the fall for Stories, Come to me and live life. The worst on The test of the cook


Published on Mar 01, 2019


A bad day that of February 28, 2019, at least for the morning and afternoon on Rai 1 which record you listen to really low. Spring is in the air, the first sunny days with mild temperatures even and the ratings start to decline. A physiological drop in that often affects all of the programs broadcast on the networks in the clear, but yesterday, he really did very bad to Rai 1. The first network loses the challenge in the morning with Morning Five: well One Morning but then in the comparison with the Italian Stories, Federica Panucucci beats Eleonora Daniele. To forget, as always, listen to de La prova del cuoco: it's not the 2 points of share in less than the past season and worry about but the fact that the average audience last year was 2 million, this year you don't go over 1.3-million viewers, in the episode last even less. Maluccio in the afternoon: when on Channel 5 there is the throne over Men and Women, the decline is insured. Cala much Come from me, cala also the soap the paradise of The lord and feel life live records yesterday, especially in the second part, a listening to forget, with numbers embarrassing.

But let's see in detail the data auditel yesterday with the comparison with Channel 5, and unbeatable in some time slots.

It must be said that the Italian Stories and One Morning they always go very well and that Elenora Daniele before and after Franco di Mare and Benedetta Rinaldi has almost all the days the leader of the bands where they go on the air. Is not successful, but yesterday

On Bbc1 One Morning me good morning in 865.000 viewers with 16.4% market share;Stories get 778.000 viewers with 16.2% market share in the first part and 773.000 (14.3%) in the second.

On Canale5 Morning Five has informed 873.000 viewers (16.1%) in the first part and 771.000 (16%) in the second.

It's not enough to the program of Rai 1 the recent changes. It is not enough to return the faces of the beloved in the program. The public does not want this version of The test of the cook. Things have changed, and you have to come up with a reason.

On Bbc1 The Test of the Cook " has collected 1.245.000 viewers with 12.6%. On Channel 5 the Forum get to 1.591.000 viewers with 19.9%. On rai 2 The Facts of Your marks 547.000 viewers with 8.7% in the first half and 1.020.000 (10.2%) in the second.

The crazy thing is that last year these days, the Forum was listen to the most high, and the same applies to The facts of your. And in spite of this, the proof of The cook version Elisa Isoardi, fails to improve.

The case is heard on Channel 5, with the episode of the throne over which, unlike the usual, does not exceed 3 million viewers. Despite the drop in of Channel 5, Rai 1, it loses ground.

On Bbc1, Come to Me convinced 1.632.000 viewers (12.5% audience share) and the Paradise of The Lord 1.594.000 (15%).

Beautiful passionate 2.650.000 viewers (18.4%), A Life has convinced 2.500.000 viewers with 18% share while Men and Women have made to the company for 2.735.000 spectators equal to the 22.8% share (final 2.342.000 – 22.3%). The Island of the Famous is the companion to 2.249.000 viewers (22.3%), Amici di Maria De Filippi like to 2.241.000 viewers (22.9%)


As you can see from the data of the listening of yesterday, the programs of Channel 5 are falling, but are always in line with the ratings of the period. Live life always goes to the worse. Geo on Rai 3 is still very close to the program of Rai 1

La Vita in diretta " informs 1.200.000 viewers (11.9%) in the presentation and 1.545.000 (13.5%) in the program.

Geo to 1.483.000 viewers with 12.2% share.

The Secret abbreviation is 21.5% with 2.156.000 spectators; in the Afternoon the Five, it goes to 16.8% with 1.763.000 spectators in the first part, to 16.3% with 1.969.000 spectators in the second and 13.4% with 1.833.000 spectators in the third, of short duration.

The Rai resumed only in the range that goes from 18,45 thanks to The legacy of Flavio Insinna.

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