The sport does not lose weight, not is exercise the key to weight control

Published on Feb 08, 2017

It emerges from a study of the Loyola University of Chicago, published in PeerJ, part of a research called Met (Modeling the Epidemiologic Transition Study). “The results indicate that physical activity may not protect against weight gain” highlights the author, Lara R. Dugas. “Sport is not to lose weight, not is exercise the key to weight control”. As you might be led to think, is not the sporting activity is the key for weight control, but rather other factors including diet. Physical activity has many benefits, ranging from reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer by up to a greater well-being on a mental level, and the people who practice it are living longer and more healthy. But it can be also linked to an increased appetite, which leads to eating more to compensate for or to be less active in the course of the day. For the research were taken into consideration, the 1944 people, between 25 and 40 years, coming from the United States and four other Countries: Ghana, Jamaica, south Africa and the Seychelles. To verify the level of physical activity was asked to wear an accelerometer for a week and have been measured other values such as weight, height, and body fat at the beginning, after a year and after two. From the measurements at the beginning of the research in ghana are those with a lower weight and in better shape, while they were americans to have the major problems associated with extra pounds. The results showed a fact that has surprised the researchers: the increase of total weight in all Countries was greater among those who met the criteria of the guidelines for physical activity. For example, the american men who had joined were found to have gained weight, while those who did not meet the criteria were had been lost. This leads to thinking according to the scholars that other factors, including diet, are known to play a crucial role. (ANSA)

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