The son of Roberta Ragusa speaks for the first time on tv, at the Fourth Grade: launching an appeal for the return of his mother


Published on Oct 20, 2018


In the episode the Fourth Degree of the broadcast on the 19th October 2018, which was aired in an exclusive interview very special. For the first time after six years from the death of Roberta Ragusa, and after two convictions for Antonio Logli, Daniel, who today is 22 years old, decides to tell his version of the facts. Who the guy think that his mother was murdered by her father is the thing that is clear to all. Not surprisingly, in the process of the second degree, Daniel is openly on the side of his father. And yet today, Daniel is convinced that his mother is fine, it went away by itself. Or that, if it is really dead, it was someone else that killed her.

It is so convinced that his mother went away that explains to the journalist that the objection is raised that a mother does not go away without money, without documents, motherly affection. “We do not know if my mother in the months he has or has not put aside something, it was in his ability to do so. We don't know anything,” said the young man at the end of the transmission has also launched an appeal, turning to his mother, hoping that she could go home.

The boy tells what happened the night of the disappearance of Roberta Ragusa, and explain that that night nothing happened to crash. The mother prepared the dinner and then he went in the room and he felt in the course of the night the famous quarrel, which is so much spoken of. The following morning, before going to school, his father woke him up and told him that his mother was gone, but him, who was still in sleep-waking, not even he understood what had happened. He went to school and the exit began, instead, to understand that there was something wrong with it.

“He came to me the mother of my mate, something very strange and I knew then that maybe things were not going well. When I got home, there were already the police and all the people who were looking for mom. Story also the fact of the picture: my father asked me to look for a photo on the computer of a driving school, there was nothing so I went home to try and I saw this, and it became the photo most famous for. I did not have to the fact that it was rigged, that had a few years of less, for me it was just important to give a picture to put on social and have a picture for the flyers. I reiterate that the photo was printed at a and this is the first photo to be printed“ - these are the words of Daniel, for the defense of Logli are fundamental.

The reason is simple. The super witness Loris Gozi in fact, he said that Logli was presented at his home with a framed photo of Roberta to ask for explanations but the photo could not be the one printed by Daniel and in the home, at the time of the death of Roberta, there were no other photos with the woman alone.

The guy has also given an explanation of the word “tragedy” in the agenda of its mother. “She wrote with these words telling of the facts, emphasized, was his way of” this is the story of Daniel that is found in the other pages of the agenda of Roberta, where he often uses vocabulary, strong to talk about small nonsense.

On the night of the disappearance, instead, Daniel can not help but point out a detail for him fundamental, in the thesis of the separation voluntary. “That evening my mother came in the bedroom from me to give me a kiss and rimboccarmi the blankets, as if she wanted to tell me that he loved me, she never did. Thinking after this is done, the thing seemed to me really very strange,” says Daniel Logli at the Fourth Grade.

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