The son of Alberto Angela, Edoardo, is the massacre of hearts on the social – PHOTOS

Published on Sep 12, 2018

The blood is not water. Alberto Angel has always been considered a handsome man, very charming, but the son? Definitely will massacre of hearts

The genes do not lie: Alberto Angela has taken from the father, as his children have taken from him. The large presenter of Quark, has demonstrated how beauty is passed on in the genetic code, just look at the son Edoardo and Angela to stay without words.

The son of Alberto Angela, class of 1999, is a really nice guy. His name is Edward, just as the son of Gerry Scotti. The grandson of the great Piero Angela is a really nice guy and once again testifies to the fact that beauty is genetic.

Angel's face and blue eyes, surely as her dad will not go to be indifferent to the limelight. Surely, with the masters that is found in the family, it will also be a guy from a discrete culture.

The network, when it noticed him, it was quite successful. There are many women “crazy” for his dad, but now the younger ones are sure to be distracted by his son, who is just a nice guy. Seems to be a model overseas.

The famous conductor, who turned 56 years old last April 8th, and has two children: Riccardo and Alessandro, both very beautiful and from the future very promising. But in fact beauty is definitely Edward, the son who looks more promising.

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