The soap operas Channel 5 broadcast Saturday, 21 but not on Sunday 22nd of December 2019


Published on Dec 18, 2019


Eye to the exchange of programming for the soap Channel 5. Mark your calendar this variation if you do not want to miss even an episode of your favourite british soap. Today we try to understand what is going to happen in the end of the week: what we'll see on Saturday 21 December and Sunday 22 December 2019? Let's find out with the calendar of the soap of the week-end. Let's see the details.

First Christmas feast of the soap to Saturday, with Beautiful, waiting for us to 13,40 in his classic position. And the episode of the bold and the Beautiful aired Saturday will be the last of the week but not only that, it will also be the last one before the new year. Beautiful, in fact, is the only soap Channel 5 that will air in the holidays, and will return instead to January 2020. Instead of the bold and the Beautiful, starting from the 23rd of December, will air A life.

But back to the programming of Saturday. After the bold and the Beautiful will air A life with a bet long that should go on the air from 14,20 approximately at 15.30 approximately. To follow will then broadcast The secret that will leave the line in the last episode of the year of True.

The fans of the bold and the Beautiful who want to discover the truth about the death of the little Beth, or rather the alleged death of the daughter of Liam and Hope, they will have to wait for the new year to review the unpublished episodes of the american soap. We, however, with our advances we will tell you about many of the details, so stay tuned.

Sunday the soap Channel 5 will not be aired. At about 14 will be aired the film The sacred family, in full christmas atmosphere. And 17,22 instead we will see an episode of Sunday Rewind (the best of the episodes of the 2019 Sunday Live, the program by Barbara d'urso.

The soap operas Channel 5 back on the 23rd of December 2019 but please note that we'll only see A life and The secret.

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