The simulator NES failed on Xbox may return

Published on Sep 12, 2016

The simulator NES appeared (and disappeared) from the online store of Xbox may return

Those who want to play the NES, will need to obtain a genuine Nintendo console. This would seem to be an affirmation to be Mister Obvious. In fact, for some time it is result available in the online store of Xbox a simulator for the NES. The latter was readily removed from the part of Microsoft, for the reason that we would not expect ever. The removal is not due to the fact that you can play the video games competitors, but the dispute is due to the fact that the simulator NES has not been loaded via [email protected]

We don't know if Microsoft just upload through the official channels to accept this kind of programs on their own console views and considered the possible legal implications that this situation could unleash.

What do you think? Microsoft will keep the simulator on the NES in your online store? Nintendo (knowing his reputation) not to take legal action in such a way? Let us know your opinion via a comment below.

F: GameTyrant

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