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Published on May 03, 2018


Editorial Cosmo has recently proposed some works of Howard Chaykin, one of the authors the most transgressive and anti-mainstream american comics. Set light in the field of independent American Flagg!, Chaykin has always been discuss, because of the high degree of violence present in many of his works and his attitude flippant and sarcastic, not in line with the conventionalities of politically correct now rampant.

There you can make income by reading this book, dedicated to the Shadow, one of the most important characters in the glorious era of the pulp. The Shadow was born in a radio program in the 1930's and from a certain point of view, it was the forerunner of many a costume crime fighter, starting with Batman, and was a protagonist also of a series of novels of great success, signed by his creator, Walter B. Gibson. Even the world of the comics, it disinterested him and one of the comic-book the most popular was the one made in the seventies by the great Mike Kaluta for the DC.

Who is Shadow? It's called Lamont Cranston, a detective and, as the Shadow, fights crime without a thought to the methods to be used, with the aid of a group of collaborators, and his stories take place usually in the thirties. In the eighties, the DC decided to make a miniseries about him, entrusting it to Chaykin, the author certainly in line with the sensitivity of the pulp. Howard, however, did things his own way, more or less, as will happen with a Blackhawk, the other discussed the work signed by him to the DC.

Editorial Cosmos, and then translates the Shadow Blood & Judgement, reprinted in the United States from the Dynamite. Chaykin, all in all, it does not upset Lamont Cranston, but the inserts in the America of the eighties. His methods, however, are not changed; on the contrary, the Shadow is more violent than the first; but the world around him to be changed. First of all, his collaborators are still alive, but aged. Lamont, instead, for reasons that will be explained in the history, has preserved the strength and youth.

In addition, the company described by Chaykin is populated by psychopaths, of punk pissed that frequent the rock clubs (hilarious sequence with Lamont that pretends to be the leader of a band of women as treacherous and sexually casual (a typical feature of stories of Chaykin), unscrupulous businessmen ready to do anything to achieve their goals. An important role is played by a former enemy of the Shadow, motionless on a wheelchair; he is able, however, to enter the mind of the child, a delayed hefty, and act through him. It is placed in the head to take possession of the atomic bomb, and the situation does not promise anything good.

Chaykin reads in a key post-modern Shadow, and his whole narrative universe, creating an unsettling mix of noir, hard-boiled and influences supereroici, enhanced by a narrative rhythm, fast and syncopated and dialogues scathing and incisive. We are not at the level of the extremism of Black Kiss, but it sure is the Shadow: Blood & Judgement will be shocking to those readers who only know the traditional of Lamont Cranston.

The work is to keep an eye as well for the designs. The style is the usual amalgam of elements to Gil Kane reworked by Howard, with a composition of the table inventive. The shots have a setting in the film and the cartoons are often set between them, to show that sometimes cover the figures or some of the specific details. The result is engrossing and the dynamism and sensitivity of the kinetics are the elements that most stand out in the eyes of the reader.

You do not have to neglect the usual girls sexy Chaykin, and in this case, the author connects the imagery of the pin-up Betty Page. With good peace of those who rant of sexism and machismo, Chaykin sees the woman as a body with perfect shapes and totally devoid of personality. Overall, the volume is not to be missed and worth considering. For you to try.


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