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Published on Mar 06, 2020


The last two episodes of Nanatsu no Taizai have been really epic, the climax is perfect for these final phases of the narrative arc in the course.


Now that the Holy War is again at the gates, the allies begin to join together to establish a common action plan. It will be precisely in this circumstance that we are aware of the probable source of the mysterious power of Escanor the Sin of Pride with the Symbol of the Lion.

This information in and of itself opens already new scenarios for you to discover, but the real star of these last two episodes is not the Escanor, but the young Arthur, whose relationship so close and intimate, and sincere affection that binds you to him, Merlin is not well seen by the Escanor, who, as you remember, is in love with the beautiful sorceress for many years, but never had the courage to declare himself to the woman whom he so intensely loved.


Arthur is very important for Merlin, but because, When you will be asked, the charming sorceress of the court of the Kingdom of Camelot will reveal that the boy is destined to great things, otherwise would not have been chosen by the Sword Excalibur.

This will be an opportunity to find out more details regarding this time the legend of Excalibur, thus allowing us to become aware of the source of his power and the reason for that is to get stuck in a rock from which can be extracted only by the young Arthur.

The king must necessarily return in the possession of the sword, which, however, is kept inside the castle of Camelot, now manned by Meliodas, his brothers and their preceptors, and the daemonic.

The risk is very high, but Arthur can't shirking its duties. However, great will be his dismay when he sees what he considered to be his dearest friend, now tied at the side of the Demons.

Arthur, the son of hope, is about to face a huge risk, and is completely alone. If only Merlin was here with him...


During the course of the last episode you'll not only enjoy a turn-narrative totally unexpected that I will not tell you anything, if not that I appreciated it very much, but you'll also have the chance to discover the side more introverted, intimate and intimate to Merlin, who will remember with affection how much he was precious to her the constant support of his “sirya's big sister” Elizabeth.

In the meantime, both Meliodas that Stigma are looking for reasons diametrically opposite of the Commandments remaining.

During a brief exchange of words between Meliodas and Zeldris, you will again make mention of the reason why the younger brother is helping the hated older brother, a traitor in his attempt to become what he always wants: to become the next King of the Demons. The whole, however, will be once again shrouded in mystery.

Is the Stigma that Demons are gathering their forces and planning their own action plan for contrastarsi each other.

What drives Zeldris to help Meliodas to become the next King of the Demons? Because Meliodas is necessary to rise to that role? What is the secret hidden power of Escanor? How many lives will be broken during this new Holy War? Will be finally broken the curse that for centuries has gripped the souls of Meliodas and Elizabeth, now that the death of the Goddess is coming?

We will have the answers to all these questions in the episodes at the end of the Kamigami no Gekirin, but to know that Gowther has in mind something: as we know, the Gowther original put an end to the first Holy War. But in what way?

It seems that the doll Gowther knows this, and it is for this reason that he asks Merlin to implement in his body... something: what is it? And in that way he wants to end this yet another Holy War?

The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath-of-the-Gods – Episodes 20-21 | Review of




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