The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods – Episode 9: The lovers cursed | Review


Published on Dec 06, 2019


With the most recent episode of Wrath of the Gods the souls of The Seven Deadly Sins enters into a new phase, marked by an important discovery on the part of Elizabeth.


The title of the episode suggests to us already that it is in some way involved a sort of curse. Now, what is it specifically, is not revealed in this episode, but somehow some of the information about it are provided by... Zeldris!

Elizabeth tried to speak with his loved Meliodas of the fact that seem to be strange coincidences for which Liz, the woman loved by Meliodas and died several years before, and the Goddess, Elizabeth, met her King and Diane 3000 years before during their training, resemble so much to her and have to come with the same name.

The girl says to be ready to face the truth, but the problem is that, for some reason that at the moment we still do not know, is not the Captain of the Seven Peccatti Capital recently met.

Instead it will be the younger brother of Meliodas to speak, even if very briefly, with Elizabeth: according to the spokesman of the King of Demons, Elizabeth torments his brother Meliodas from a very, very long time. But what he wants to make her understand by these words? Elizabeth loves Meliodas, so how could you ever torment the man she loves?


Despite the dire words of Zeldris, however Elizabeth does not seem at all disturbed, on the contrary: the sweet and gorgeous Princess feels relieved, happy. Is certainly not difficult to guess what might have said Zeldris, because it was something that certainly had already thought a bit’ all, including Elizabeth.

It will be this discovery, disconcerting and allietante at the same time, that make you feel Elizabeth so happy: in previous seasons of The Seven Deadly Sins, we could see how the Princess was jealous of Liz, because her Meliodas was still a lot due to the death of the woman he loved.

But now that he's discovered the truth, knows that there is no reason to envy Liz, you did not even have time to try those same feelings for the Goddess that bears the same name and who lived 3000 years before her.

Unfortunately for her, however, it is not all gold that glitters: when it encounters Zeldris in a vision because he is trying to counter a magic that is in danger of losing his life to the wonderful and powerful Merlin, Zeldris is not limited to reveal a couple of interesting details to the girl, including the fact, up to this moment, to her unknown, to be the younger brother of Meliodas...

It says: “you Know, be careful what you wish for, because you might get it“, and in this case the quotation of this saying could not be more apt: Zeldris will fulfill a desire of Elizabeth, but in this way the girl will have to bear the weight.

As it is, Elizabeth, that Diane it's a great news (let's not forget that the same Diane has recovered from just his memories, as well as Gowther, for which the Giantess this can't be a bad thing, quite the contrary!), in reality it seems that it isn't at all...

Meliodas and Merlin, the members of the Seven deadly Sins that you know for the longest time, behind this discovery lies a dark secret that would have been so much better to remain as such: but what is it? What would happen if Elizabeth should recover all of his memories, even those that are more distant in time?

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