The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods – Episode 8: doll looking for love | Review


Published on Nov 29, 2019


Without a shadow of a doubt the most recent bet of the Wrath of the Gods is the best up to this time, not only because of the sad stories, but for the way in which they are narrated, which makes getting to the episode peaks of emotional intensity never before seen in this season, and certainly among the most engaging of the whole series of Nanatsu no Taizai.


I'll try not to get too much into detail to not take away from the sweet and sour taste of the discovery of this sad story, in case you did not you still decided to watch the episode!

The episode resumes the story, of course, where it was concluded in the previous episode, which you can find here my review: after seeing the heart that once resided in his chest, Gowther run away, so her friends deadly Sins they run to look for him: why is that doll without feelings is fled, visibly in the throes of panic?

From this moment on, will start an intense and poignant flashback that takes us back in time 45 years, and more precisely at the time when Gowther wakes up in a place she does not know. It will be here that the “doll created by a magician”, as he defines himself, he will meet a very beautiful and sweet Nadja.

Initially, the girl asks Gowther if it is a boy or a girl, and we know why: its the creator gave Gowther the look of the woman he loved, but to avoid to try to his creature deeper feelings gave her the body of a young boy.

Gowther created Gowther because, being forced to live in captivity, her doll was an extension of his body and of his mind, which makes it already the beginning of the life of the Capital Sin of Lust and its creator is anything but cheerful.

But the encounter with Nadja give you hope, love and joy one doll, and the scenes that they see this unusual pair make many sweet and wonderful life experiences together are really very moving and touching.

The events that follow will shed light on the reasons due to which now our Gowther does not prove anything...


As we know, Gowther has, among other things, the power to erase the memories of anyone, so what would prevent them to delete their own?

Again, watching what happens in the present at the end of the flashback with Nadja you will discover still other interesting and poignant details relating to the life and the wishes of the great protagonist of this episode.

You will also notice with what firmness, Diane, offered to help his friend, mindful of the promise made to Gowther that he has created.

Just to ensure the story of Gowther to enjoy as much space as possible, to be told, and, then, best understood, the final sequences of the episode overlap with the notes of the final song of the Wrath of the Gods, but there is also another reason that explains this choice...

Reading the text of the song, in fact, you will discover that perfectly describes what was shown throughout the course of the episode. The song is a Regeneration of Sora Amamiya, of which the short version that serves as the ending of this first part of the Wrath of the Gods I leave you here below is the music video:

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