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Published on Nov 24, 2019


In the previous installment we were able to watch the passing of the test by the King, discovering and then also what we need to do to escape from that spell: you will need to behave in a manner different from the person you are impersonating.

The personal experience of the Harlequin, who for so long have hated Ban, the man who wrongly believed responsible for the death of his sister, allowed him to have pity of the man she loved from Gerheade, a difference of the determined shade of gloxinia, and this is sttao suffiente to free him from the spell.

However, Diane is still trapped in the past, and is at risk of not waking up ever again: if he should die in the dream, die in the present. But what he must do to get out of it alive?


Now that the real Gowther is successful in his attempt to escape from the prison of the demons thanks to a plan finely engineered, it is now Zeldris the Performer to bring it back to the place where he had been confined to: the King of the Demons did not take well to this attempt of subversion, as it was obvious that it was.

Diane/Telecharger, however, has established a certain bond with the creator of his friend, Gowther and has no intention of leaving them alone against Zeldris. But just this to overcome his trial?

In the present, Telecharger confided to King and determined shade of gloxinia that has challenged Diane to a second purpose: to find out which would be the right choice in a given situation.

However, for this put in serious danger the survival of the Sin of Envy with the Symbol of the Snake: according to what you say Telecharger, whatever you choose to do, Diane is destined to die.

Get out alive from a similar situation with no apparent way of escape seems impossible, and the little King of the Fairies is terrified at the mere idea of losing the only woman he's ever loved.

However, there is a reason why the title of the episode refers to the fact that, after so long, finally the Seven deadly Sins are back together once again.


How not to mention a wonderful and touching song of Queen written by the late Freddie Mercury on the day of the 28th anniversary of the untimely death of this extraordinary artist?

Love of My Life " was written by Mercury in 1975, and is included in the album considered the best of the whole discography of Queen, A Night at the Opera; the piece is dedicated to Mary, the ex-lover of the author, which left him in a result of the continuous betrayal of the latter.

Part of the text of the song, then, is perfectly attuned to the sentiments nourished by the King against Diane, who has lost his memories of the many happy moments spent together with the current King of the Fairies, and has never reciprocated the love to the latter:

But something happened to Diane, something completely unexpected related to the gift that has made the real Gowther, and in this episode you will discover finally what it is.

Following these sequences so sweet, you can finally assist to a moment long-awaited by fans of The Seven Deadly Sins: the reunion of the Seven deadly Sins in full!

Now, the time has come to face once again in the present, the Ten Commandments, a threat is still present, with the ultimate aim of putting an end to the centuries-old Holy War that has been going now for more than 3000 years. Finally, we are going to see again in the actions of our heroes!

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