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Published on Nov 15, 2019


The end of the trial Diane and King is always the nearest, but because Telecharger and determined shade of gloxinia have been to exceed? And especially, what you will need to do to make this happen?

The questions, however, does not end here: because human beings rebelled against the Stigma, the alliance between Giants, Fairies and Goddesses to which later joined the Humans too? And what I want Gowther from Telecharger/Diane and determined shade of gloxinia/King?

Most of these questions had a response in the most recent episode of The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods, but, as always, fear not: this review is spoiler free!


Gowther is a Daemon that is able to escape from the prison of hell in which he was held captive by the king of the Demons, thanks to a deception that has managed to bring to fruition thanks to Gowther, the doll he created. Nevertheless, as keen to point out, one cannot speak of an original and a copy, as the doll Gowther is a kind of extension of his creator.

That said, there is a reason that has pushed the Gowther Demon to seek in every way to get out of her prison, and has to do with the Holy War that has been raging now for 3000 years...

During the section of the episode dedicated to the two Gowther you will discover not only the motivation, but also how you choose to behave with her doll. Such attitudes also show how this character can be different from the classical conception catholic what are the Demons, in perfect harmony with the spirit with which these issues are always addressed in the series.


As we already could see in the bloody scenes of the previous episodes, made less bloody by the discutibilissima choice to represent in some cases the blood color to white, human beings have betrayed the Stigma.

Now, as the race of Humans can be unpredictable, to put yourself against the other three clans would have to have a reason more than valid, given the risk untold and hardships innumerable, that certainly they knew they would face, if he had really done, as indeed is the case, this choice.

Well, these reasons have been revealed during the course of this episode, you can agree or not with this choice, but from their point of view, Humans never had much of a choice, even though they knew that this would have certainly led to the loss of many lives on both sides of the battle.


Knowing of the danger that is running Gerheade, sister of the determined shade of gloxinia,King feels compelled to rush immediately to his aid, also mindful of his personal failure to protect his sister Elaine, who lost his life in the arms of her beloved Ban, sacrificing himself to save the man she loved, giving him eternal life.

Perhaps, to break the spell of a determined shade of gloxinia and Telecharger and pass their test King will have to do this: save the life of Gerheade, even if, in fact, the Fairy should never have lost the life in that occasion, if it is still alive 3000 years later, in the present moment.

Perhaps, to overcome the proof of this will have to do something else: any of the two things it is, will King back in his time? And in the meantime, what will become of Diane?

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