The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods – Episode 5: Whirlwind of emotions | Review


Published on Nov 08, 2019


The opportunity offered to King and Diane by Telecharger and determined shade of gloxinia to relive the events that have characterized the holy war of 3000 years before is giving way to these two characters (and the audience through them) to understand better the events of the present., thanks to the revelations always new there is never a shortage in any bet.

Unfortunately, in this as in the previous installments, a detail that definitely stands out in the eyes, and it's not pleasant is the censorship of the blood, which appears red only when he spots individuals or objects, but it can be irritating and inconvenient white color when it oozes from the wounds.


A bit like in Devilman, also in The Seven Deadly Sins you want to offer a vision that not only provides for the white and the black: how the Demons are able to feel good feelings, so the heavenly creatures are capable of committing acts of cruel and senseless as the extermination of all the Demons captured and imprisoned in front of their brothers, the a sdegnante demonstration of power and contempt.

This has resulted in Derieri and Monspeet to the point of inducing them to sacrifice six of the seven hearts in order to transform them in Indura, a form of demon that unleashes the full force of those who use it, as long as it has a strength level of 50,000 or higher.

The problems with the Indura are, however, different: if, on the one hand, these creatures have unimaginable power, on the other, the price you pay is not only the loss of six hearts seven: once transformed in Indura, you are destined to fight and destroy anything and everything until death.

However, despite the Archangels wish to defeat once and for all, the Ten Commandments in general, and the two of Indura, which meet in front, in particular, is there anyone that had intentions very different, and certainly much closer to their divine nature.

In this, however, the character will find himself alone: even the King and Diane, though they are well aware of all the problems that will cause the Ten Commandments in their present situation, analyze the situation simply for what it is in the moment in which they are living: this part of the test to which they are subjecting Telecharger and determined shade of gloxinia?


During the course of this intense episode you will also discover how the betrayal is almost an integral part of the world which is set in The Seven Deadly Sins: without going in to too much detail, are shown two different types of betrayal.

Beginning immediately after mentioning them to a betrayal that reminded me very go Nagai, a work to which many manga have very much, especially those like The Seven Deadly Sins, which are based on mythology. It is something seemingly inexplicable and unexpected, but in the course of the episode the same you will begin to understand why such a thing may have happened.

In the second case, is involved Gowther, the doll without feelings, which is now part of the Seven deadly Sins, but that was part of the Ten Commandments. Finally, you can discover the origins of Gowther, who is, in reality, and who has given him life!

Of course, his story has certainly been accomplished with this episode, for which we will wait to see what else he has in store for us in Wrath of the Gods.

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