The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods – Episode 2: Memories of the Holy War | Review


Published on Oct 17, 2019


To the delight of all the fans of Nanatsu no Taizai, the second episode that aired yesterday in Japan of the third season of the anime based on the original manga written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki it has been really very interesting from both a narrative point of view in terms of the fighting, because we could see again in action the Harlequin, the current King of the Fairies, also known simply by the appellation of King, as well as the Sin of Sloth with the Symbol of the Bear, and Diane, the buxom and gentle Giantess who represents the Sin of Envy with the Symbol of the Snake.


I love music very much, for this I like to call the different paragraphs that compose my reviews citing securities or portions of texts taken from songs that, in some way, seem to me to be relevant to the topics section in the same; they are my very personal Easter Eggs and, as such, I'll leave their discovery and interpretation to all those that I grant you, part of your time reading my reviews. However, this time I'll make an exception: we are in 1973, the year in which one of my favorite bands ever, the Queen, released their first, eponymous album, inside of which is this My Fairy King, a song written by Freddie Mercury, in addition to being a wonderful piece, describes the Kingdom of the Fairies and his King in such a way that, at times, seems almost to have predicted what we see in The Seven Deadly Sins; for this, I chose to leave here, accompanied by his text:

The episode opens by showing us, as we could see in the usual short movie dedicated to the preview of this episode at the end of the previous one, with a cross-section of what is now the life of King, Diane, and, in general, of Fairies and of Giants: this is a cross-section that almost seems to come out from a poem bucolic of virgil's aeneid, in which fairies and Giants dance and sing joyfully together in a climate of light of light-heartedness and joy. But we know well that such a situation is not destined to last too long: the Ten Commandments, the great antagonist of the previous season, have not been completely defeated, and now the two of them threaten to undermine the peace of the Kingdom of the Fairies...


Watching the episode you can notice how you both tried to convey to the audience, succeeding in full, the feeling that Glooxinia and Telecharger are in some way of the nemesis opposing respectively to the King and to Diane: determined shade of gloxinia and Telecharger are the ancient Kings, respectively, of the Fairies and Giants (Telecharger is, in particular, the father of the Giants), while King and Diane are the current ones; and, moreover, were lost the tracks of all four of these intriguing characters.

Now, however, Diane and King have a nice problem: having to face these two powerful combats which, although they do not belong to the Clan of Demons, you are still sided with them, for reasons still unknown, thus becoming two of the Ten Commandments. Their incredible strength, combined in an experience of literally thousand-year on the fields of battle, threatens to overwhelm is definitely Diane King, because none of these two deadly Sins have at the moment of the force necessary to defeat their nemesis, and also why, in the specific case of King, the current King of the Fairies can not use at will with his Spear and the Spirit Chastiefol exploiting the full potential, having not yet developed her own pair of wings.

The clash is, therefore, completely learn, but something completely unexpected disrupts the expectations of Diane, King, and of the spectators, something that will let you discover it by yourself and which I will discuss in a bit more detailed in my review of the next episode of The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods.

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