The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods – Episode 19: the Covenant of War-Sacred | Review


Published on Feb 22, 2020


As we have already seen in the previous installment of Wrath of the Gods, of which you can find here my review, the Archangel Ludociel has finally chosen to descend again on the Earth, in view of the imminent new War, the Sacred against the clan of Demons.


This time, however, Ludociel has chosen to seize the body of a human being to be able to perform to the best of their work: this is Margaret Liones, which of course was not his choice at random for this task.

The Archangel has in fact noted to have a certain affinity with the girl, and that is why he has chosen it as a container for your essence. But, ultimately, what is the true purpose of Ludociel?

Of course, as is also suggested in the title of the episode, his goal is to bring back to life the Stigma, the alliance against the clan of Demons made up of those who belongs to all the others.

However, also other divine creatures are taking possession of the bodies of many human beings: the final battle against the Demons is now at the door.

The previous episode had ended with Ludociel that, sensing a huge energy demon, he was able to throw at the powerful attack of light: it is Zeldris, which would also have been reasonable to expect in this episode of see them clashing between them. However, it was not so.

We now come to the episode number 19 of Kamigami no Gekirin, and the full season will be composed, as always, from the classic 24 episodes, so it is obvious that we are running, but this does not mean that you can take a short break from the action to devote himself to the narrative itself, before reaching the climax of the series itself, which obviously will be focused on the combat between the Demons and the Stigma.


A small detail which, however, struck me of this episode of Nanatsu no Taizai is a particular exchange of banter which makes it a main character, just the Archangel Ludociel.

Human beings say that he is minimally able to understand how you feel in virtue of his divine nature, but just at that moment a tear falls down his face...

Shortly after, the Archangel explains that this belief is so widespread among humans is, however, totally wrong, because even the heavenly creatures, but, attention, not Of the gods, that they experience those same feelings that characterize the people.

In all of this, then, must not forget the more recent revelations regarding Merlin including its real physical form: always in the previous installment, in fact, we have had the opportunity to discover that the girl, despite her young age, she received the blessing both of the Demons on the part of the Goddesses, who sought in this way to ingraziarsela, due to her immense magical powers.

What will be her role in the final clash that is coming, once again, on the Britannia? And how will it end, finally, this new war? To find out, we can only wait to see, during the next few weeks, as we continue to evolve the facts in what is, in effect, will be the focal point of all of this current season of The Seven Deadly Sins.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods – Episode 19: the Covenant of War-Sacred | Review of




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