The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods – Episode 18: The march of Saints | Review


Published on Feb 15, 2020


In the previous installment of Wrath of the Gods, of which you can find if my review, we were able to take a look at a new version of Meliodas, who, after being freed of their own human feelings, is back in possession of his full demonic powers, a fact which has allowed it to return to the head of the Ten Commandments.

However, this is not enough: Meliodas want at any cost to become the new king of the demons, to the detriment of his younger brother Zeldris, even if the reasons of the two are very distant: in fact, if on one hand we have Zeldris, that want the power for a second the end is still unknown, on the other Meliodas wants the same thing only to try to free himself and the woman he loves from the terrible curse that plagues them now for thousands of years.

With regards to the most recent bet of this season of The Seven Deadly Sins, the scene shifts to highlight what is happening in the rest of Britain. And this is not anything good...


What remains of the Seven Capital Sins, which have momentarily lost their Captain and Ban, who went to the Purgatory and to go in search of the feelings of Meliodas, is now led by a fully conscious Elizabeth.

Will certainly not be easy to return to Meliodas in the possession of his feelings, but you will have to do it, and also in a hurry, because Elizabeth still remain only less than two days to live.

However, in the air our feel the demonic power is extraordinary, you are going to come heading in their direction...

It is Zeldris, who is going to the research of the Commandments are not still in the hands of Demons in such a way to be able to assimilate to his elder brother, who, once ottenutili all, will have a power equal to that of the King of the Demons in the person that will be sufficient, therefore, to break the curse of which he is a victim along with Elizabeth.

The same Zeldris at the moment can count on the power conferred on him by his father, which is certainly not difficult for him to find the precise location of the Seven Capital Sins, which are in the possession of a Commandment.

When it comes to the Boar Hat, however, Zeldris you end up facing someone who does not recognize at all, and yet should know very well who it is...

When Merlin takes on the appearance that he had as a little girl, however, everything becomes much more clear in the mind of Zeldris: it is in fact a little girl very special, related in some way, both to the Goddesses and to Demons. But riparlerò later, to avoid spoilers, that will certainly not you want to read.

So, Zeldris will begin to negotiate an exchange with Merlin: what will the sorceress of the court of Kamelot in exchange for the return of the one Commandment remained in his hand, and his friends? And why Zeldris, so eager to get the throne of his father, is helping the hated brother, the traitor to take what he wishes to be, one day, his place at the pinnacle of the Clan of the Demons?


In the meantime, something unexpected is happening to a small group of characters we had not seen for some time. Also in this case, it is information that I cannot provide you with a direct and explicit here, but one thing is certain: war never changes.

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