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Published on Dec 18, 2019


In the previous installment of The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods, Meliodas and Merlin are particularly worried when they realized that Elizabeth had begun to recover all the memories of her previous lives.

The Captain of the Seven deadly Sins he then said something very strange: if Elizabeth were to recover all of his memories, it would die in a matter of three days. But what he wanted to say, in reality, with these mysterious words.

The most recent bet of The Seven Deadly Sins gives an answer to this question.


When the Ban was trusting with Meliodas about the terror of seeing death for the second time with his beloved Elaine, he also said dismissively that his Captain would never have been able to understand what it would mean such a thing.

The look of Meliodas, though, and the fact that as a result does not give any explanation about his memories with Elizabeth, make us to understand that there must be something very dark in his past and, consequently, in that of Elizabeth...

Now, however, there is no longer any reason to keep hidden the truth to his companions, to which Meliodas decides to tell the whole truth. The Captain begins to tell his story from the beginning, that is from 3000 years before...

Thanks to the test to which they have been submitted by King and Diane, we were able to discover that already at the beginning of the Holy War Meliodas knew Elizabeth, who was then a Goddess.

On that occasion, the two lovers fought alongside one another, although this choice would not have been certain well-seen by their “superiors”.

Meliodas is a Demon, Elizabeth a d & c, to which already their union is against any principle of both the Clan; to this must be added, however, that the two, during the Holy War, were arrayed in favor of the faction to another, in a few words, are both considered traitors.

The sad story of where Elizabeth and Meliodas are the protagonists and victims sinks, therefore, their roots in a remote past and are no other than the direct consequences of their betrayal.


Are now 3000 years Meliods strives in every way to remedy this disastrous situation, and the reason for which Merlin cares very much when Elizabeth begins to recover his memories is the fact that it is already known that for a very long time to the whole thing.

Merlin is, as we already know, a member of the Seven deadly Sins Meliodas knows for the longest time, also due to the fact that, despite its incredible beauty, the Sorceress of the court of King Artur is in fact very, very old.

The Demon Meliodas asked, then, to the Mage Merlin to help him find a way to help him and Elizabeth. However, in spite of to have passed on by now, thousands of years from when the accident occurred, the odd couple has still not managed to get to the head.

I won't go further into the details of what it is, but you'll be really involved in the story.

That said, according to what he said Meliodas, so now it may already be too late to save Elizabeth, if the girl really has recovered all of his memories...

Now, all that remains is to wait to find out how to evolve the facts in the next, the decisive episodes of The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods.

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