The Seven Deadly Sins: the Film – Posted the first teaser trailer and the synopsis!

Published on Feb 18, 2018

While to be able to see it on Netflix the second season of the TV series The Seven Deadly Sins, we will probably have to wait until 2019, the official website and Twitter of the anime taken from the manga Nakaba Suzuki revealed the first teaser trailer and new details regarding the film, announced last year.

2018年1月6日(土)より放送開始予定の"七つの大罪 戒めの復活"第2弾PVを解禁しました!さらに、PVにも登場する新シリーズからの新たな脅威のキャラクター設定画も一部公開!詳しくは公式HPをチェック!→ #七つの大罪

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"劇場版 七つの大罪 天空の囚われ人"8月18日(土)全国ロードショー決定!


劇場版公式サイト→ #七つの大罪

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The official title of the film will be The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky (Gekijouban Nanatsu no Taizai Tenkuu no Torawarebito) and will feature an entirely new story never told in the manga that Suzuki has written completely alone.

Prisoners of the Sky follows the adventures of the Melodias and Hawk as they travel towards the Sky Palace to try to get a rare ingredient known as Sky Fish, but are captured and imprisoned by the winged inhabitants of the Sky Palace.

The real problems will come when they come the Six Knights of the Clan of the Demon, determined to awaken a monster that threatens the Sky Palace every 3000 years.

As for the animated series, will be A-1 Pictures working on the animation of the film, with Noriyuki Abe as the director of the production, while the director will be entrusted to Yasuto Nishikata.

Source: SGCafe

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