The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments – Episode 14: The lord of the Sun | Review


Published on Apr 24, 2018


Finally makes its appearance, for the first time in the two seasons of the anime The Seven Deadly Sins, a powerful warrior and proud of the group, the one who possesses the power of the Sun itself: the great Escanor.

The aspiring holy knight that bears the name of the fortified city of Jericho, whose walls fell to the will of the God of the children of Israel, perfectly reflects the meaning of the choice of his name. The girl has a strength of mind unwavering, to the point it should have even greater physical strength.

As a fortress, Jericho is ready for the ultimate sacrifice, to protect the two lovers. Several times Elaine and Ban ask you to abandon them and proceed without them, to save himself, but the fortress Jericho has no intention:

In this episode, you will discover also how Elaine is still in the realm of the living, notwithstanding not try more hate towards Jericho, but gratitude, because now, no longer devoured by jealousy, as in the previous episode, the fairy loved by the Ban includes the huge risks to which his rival in love, you're exposing in order to save her and the man loved by both.

After a daring escape from Melascula, the Commandment of Faith, and Galand, the Commandment of the Truth, Jericho finds himself finally in front of a door that has something familiar:

Not only this port, and who is behind it have been already shown in the previous episodes, but the inscription makes one think of the wonderful Merlin, the Sin of Gluttony with the symbol of the Boar.

Behind this door, the three leaders will find Escanor, even if her appearance does not suggest at all in Jericho, which is located in front of the most powerful among the Seven Capital Sins.

In this dynamic episode, you can finally have a minimal taste of the infinite power of a warrior-immensely powerful as Escanor, whose very soul is burning like the Sun.

When it comes to its opponents, Escanor is naked and tells the Sun that shines in heaven, in a posture reminiscent of that of St. John the Baptist by Leonardo Da Vinci, in which the Holy invites us to search for the divine, and to reflect on the second coming of Christ:

To make this man even more fearsome is the Sacred Treasure in his possession, the heaviest among all the Sacred Treasures: the Axe of Divine Rhitta, who takes the name of a woman beloved by the Sun, as he was to say the same Escanor.

It is a weapon not only incredibly heavy but also unbalanced in weight, most distributed on the head, a curved blade which takes the form of a crescent Moon. The weight and the distribution unbalanced of the same could make you believe that it is an axe with two hands, but the reduced length of the handle suggests that this bizarre weapon was not created for this use: Rhitta is an axe in one hand.

We leave you as always with the funny video of the deepening of the Hawk, this time, who will ask some questions to our Escanor, in which you'll also see some images of the next episode, titled The confession of Melody:

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