“The serious health problems...” William confesses, Kate Middleton shakes

Published on Sep 15, 2018

Kate and William are a dream pair. The two are the example of love with a happy ending, of love that goes beyond the measure of space and time

A love William and Kate Middleton gone over so many obstacles. Also very large. Will be able to overcome the health problems? Here's what he confessed William.

Also the real can have health problems. William and Kate Middleton's know this very well. First photos of the deep scar in the head, well masked by the duchess with hairstyles and hats, then the rumor about her looks different after the third birth. Buckingham Palace has given a lot to know that there was nothing to worry about.

The scar was the sign of a surgical intervention suffered from Kate during childhood. But the appearance changed dramatically after the last pregnancy? Kate has appeared too lean to recent public events. The air tired, afflicted: may have some concern?

Post partum depression was ruled. But no official news. There would be a concern, especially on the part of the duchess herself, for the health of her husband, William, the future king of England. The site Velvet Gossip, reveals that in the last times, the princess is very worried for William, who seems to have mental health problems.

In the past, the prince was serving on an ambulance in Angola for the Royal Air Force, an experience that put to the test. He himself recalled:

“You see many terrible things every day and think that life is so. You always have to do with despair, sadness, and misfortune. The tension builds up and if you're not careful you can not dispose of. You are human and a lot of people forget these battles, you protect to do your job but, in the end, something pierces the armor.”

The same thing for them in working environments:

Of course, the same applies to all work environments and this is precisely the purpose of Mental Health at Work: to increase the resources of the companies to help their employees cope with their mental health problems”.

William, Harry and Kate, often held conferences in which they face the issues related to diseases of the psyche. There is also a website, the Mental Health at Work that provides users with resources such as documents, blogs, and podcasts that can support people with this type of problems. The same William has decided to make public his past problems, in order to be of help and example.

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