The secret advances: the Severe want to build a bomb, it will be a massacre?


Published on Oct 29, 2019


Continue the threats between Isaac and Antolina: the man has no intention of allowing that Elsa in the prison still goes to his fault and wants to do something...what will happen? Let's find out with the spoilers that reveal precisely the story of The secret to the bet tomorrow, 30 October, 2019. As you may have seen Isaac, after he discovered that Rufina was paid by Antolina does not want to hear the other reasons. If you continue to meddle in the life of Elsa he will denounce you for the murder of Jesus. Antolina know that he was to commit it and therefore thought of a way to demonstrate this situation...

Fernando and Maria Elena seem to be really happy of the decision they have taken and the fact that they have chosen Puente Viejo as a place to celebrate their love and to get married. However, there is someone who does not think like them. We speak of the Francisca, which obviously is not seeing this situation...Francisca, in fact, think that the stay of the couple in Puente Viejo is not a good thing...

In any case, Maria Elena does not seem to be willing to stay still for very to the Villa and decided to make an important gift to Fernando. Gave him the estate of Maria and Roberto had decided to renovate together. That will be the their love nest...

Prudencio does not know how to deal with Severus and decides to go to the Villa to have a face-to-face with Francisca, increasingly convinced of the fact that, behind the ruin of Santa Cruz, there is just her. But before speaking with Francisca Prudencio receives the call of Saul. His brother, seen everything that Severus has done for him, asks him a favor: to wait, to give time to Severe to recover from. He asks for a year time to repay the debt without interest is too high.

Saturn seems to be amused by the attitude of Meliton, and that of Onesimus, and both are trying, in their own way, to woo...

Severus has decided to act: he wants to build a bomb, what does he have in mind?

All this and much more in the episode of The secret in the air tomorrow, as always, to 16,10 on Channel 5 after the new episode of Men and Women.

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