The secret advances: the return of Francisca, for now, shrouded by an aura of mystery


Published on Apr 28, 2020


What will happen in the episode of The secret will air tomorrow 29 April 2020? Let's find out with the latest news coming from the Puente Viejo. You will have seen that these days, there have been returns in the country, such as the Matias, which has disrupted the life of Marcela, but also that of Tomas. The young son of the marquise does not know how to behave but to complicate matters, there is also his mother discovered the relationship and does not want in any way that he continues to stay with Marcela. But it does not end here: in the next episodes we will see also another return from the past. It is the one of the Woman Francisca: but because the woman is hiding and what does he want?

See the latest news and previews, here they are for you.

Marta and Adolfo are touching and there is a strong attraction between them, with her sister Rosa. Adolfo fell in love with the greatest of Solozábal, but she escapes maledendo his behavior, disappointed also in the fact that his sister may suffer for what happened.

Pink the plagues with questions, but Martha tries to invite his sister to forget what happened.Later, Marta confesses to Manuela: its attraction for Adolfo is very large, especially when he tried to prevent her to leave.

Ignacio and Ramón speak of the uprisings that are dangerous are happening in Bilbao. Urrutia and Solozábal agree to share this bad news with the girls, while Urrutia does not know how to deal with the rebellious Alicia. Ignacio informs his daughters, who will spend the winter in the city, and it will be impossible for them to return to Bilbao. Marta has finished the excuses for not to see Adolfo.

Matías greets Tomas, ignoring the fact that he has a relationship with his wife. In the meantime, Carmela asks his mother if Matías is back. It is no surprise, and the truth is that Matías spends less and less time at home. Mauricio sees as Marcela has changed in these last few days and seen that he is one of the few to be remained close for all these years, he asks for explanations. Marcela then speaks of the relationship he now has with her husband.

Adolfo confesses to Tomas that his meeting with Marta was very exciting and since then has not stopped thinking of her. The young man is very nervous when he remembers that. Is incredibly impressed by Martha and acknowledges that it has made a deep impression.

Marqueda appears in front of the Marchesa, with the excuse of some bills, but what they really want to is spend time with her. The two, once again, whet seen that this relationship is a secret but they both seem not able to do without.

In the meantime, Antoñita and the marchioness waiting impatiently for the guest who will occupy the Pavilion: this is Francisca Montenegro.

All this and much more in the episode of The secret of tomorrow, April 29, 2020.

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