The secret advances: the return of Fernando Mesia and the arrival, and do you hurt, Mary? Back also Gracia


Published on Oct 19, 2019


Sensational twists in the upcoming episodes of The secret: are you ready to discover what is going to happen? Let's start with the spoilers that reveal precisely the plot of the soap on air tomorrow, 20 October 2019. As you may have seen in the last episode, Isaac and Elsa have made their choice. Even though on paper Isaac remains married Antolina, even in the face of God, for him the marriage is finished. Isaac and Elsa have decided to live together as if they were husband and wife, regardless of what others may think of them. But pearl pair arrive only bad news...

Let's find out then all that will happen in detail, with the plot of the episode of The secret of Sunday.

Don Berengario had put Isaac in the guard and in fact here they come, the bad news. Juoanote went away, tired of being in a place that brought so much suffering, having regard also to its poor health conditions. Antolina instead he did return with the Guardia Civil.What he wants the woman?

Francisca scored another point. Has been delivered to Mary a letter as if it had been written by Roberto. In the message there are only negative words to Mary. The Castaneda then begins to think that Roberto she was just a whim. Has not the least suspicion of the fact that the man may have been killed by Francisca, the will ever find out?

For that Year there are problems: in fact, the moneylender who works in the neighboring country doesn't like the competition that is doing it...Lola returns instead of in the country to apologize for his attitude with that Year.

Severus continues to hide from all those who have asked of money a Year to be able to begin work in the rice fields and this creates a broken, seemingly irreparable, in his relationship with Carmelo. Among other things, the Santacruz has not yet returned a penny a Year. Gracia returns to Puente Viejo. Dolores, not knowing that in front of a Belen, insults the newborn under the eyes of Marcela, and Matias.

Mary, disappointed, for the words that he read on the letter that was given, looking for a quiet place to reflect. But while you are alone, in front of you, appear here Fernando Mesia...

All this and much more in the episode of The secret aired tomorrow on Channel 5.

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