The secret advances: the marquise wants to make out Matias. Tomas at the crossroad


Published on May 11, 2020


What's going to happen in the episode of The secret of tomorrow 12 may 2020? We discover with the advances that lead us to Puente Viejo with the latest news from Spanish town,...In the latest episodes we have seen the concerns of Francisca, that she can not believe how her husband has not sought. The marchioness continues to lie about what happened and mind on something that concerns her past, since apparently there is a mysterious man with whom you feel that the are protecting us from something...

Isabel blames Solozábal for disorders of the workers. D. Ignacio is astounded to hear such nonsense...And then there is the relationship between Adolfo and Rosa, and it appears that Isabel will not be realized anything.

The captain Huertas, D. Filiberto, Mauricio, Urrutia, and D. Ignacio, speak about the latest news on the revolts of the workers and the mayor believes that it is better to keep informed Tomas and Adolfo.

Martha speaks with her sister to what is going on. The two women try to figure out what to do with Adolfo, but Pink clearly ignores the fact that her sister was obsessed she also the same man...

Marcela interrupts the discussion between Matias and Tomas. One accuses him of being an exploiter, while the other accuses him of having neglected his family and especially his daughter. When they are alone, Marcela continues to reproach her for the same thing: he neglected his family. Matias, however, seems not to want to listen to these words and prefer to leave everything to go to a new meeting.

Tomas tells his brother of what had happened. While the marquise visits Francisca, who complains about the boredom, the total of which is constrained, there alone. You excuse of being busy with the possible sellers of the lands to Montenegro. A Francisca is missing Raimundo, while the marquise speaks with Marqueda and asks him to delete Matías, instigator of the workers, the as soon as possible. But Tomás has heard the words of his mother, and perhaps the stop for the love of Marcela. It?

All this and much more in the episode of The secret in the air tomorrow, 12 may 2020.

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